Social Media Advantage Program


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Social Media Advantage Program

What is it?

The Social Media Advantage program was created to assist you in creating, communicating, and executing your competitive advantage on social media – aka your personal brand. You will be provided with the tools to create an individualized digital marketing plan that is specific to you and your unique market position. You will then have a social expert create and optimize your social media profile based on your identified position and receive support and recommendations on how to effectively grow your business online.

What is included

  • A step-by-step personal marketing guide to assist in creating the narrative of your personal brand on social media
  • Recommended social media channels to be active on based on your specific personal brand and business objectives
  • Recommended posting schedules and types of content to create (how many video’s a week)
  • Two optimized social media profiles (social media profile setup)
  • Graphic Design package for social media profile setup (Facebook/Twitter banners)
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group that will host weekly live Q&A’s, support, tips, how-to’s, and information updates

What to expect

Do not expect to have your personal brand created over night.

Expect to be provided with the tools in which you will need to execute a digital strategy to grow your coaching business long-term.

Do not expect someone to manage your social media.

Expect to have an expert create and optimize your social media profile and provide you with the tools to manage it on an ongoing basis.

Expect to be held accountable for action items such as weekly videos, to be a part of a community that knows the importance of an online presence, and to elevate your career to new heights.

Are you ready to create your Social Media Advantage?


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