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Create Your Own Online Summit

Attract Clients and Increase Your Authority as a Coach by Creating Your Own Summit!

Is the time and energy you’re putting into helping more people and making the impact you want to make actually paying off? What if there was a strategy you could use to build your authority as a coach, grow your prospects and get you booking clients faster?

If you are curious about how creating and hosting your own online summit event can substantially grow your business and build your authority moving forward, please register your spot today before they are full. This will be a jam-packed training you don’t want to miss.

If you’re feeling stuck in moving your business forward, or are unclear on how to find ideal clients, then you’ll want to be sure to attend this informative workshop.

In this Empowering & Practical Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why online summits are one of the most powerful ways to instantly grow your authority as a coach, increase your following and sales
  • The steps required to create and host your own online summit
  • The minimum technical requirements to create and host your own online summit

In this training, Sherrie Cameron will walk you through:

  • Benefits of speaking and online summits for your coaching business
  • How online summits work and how are they presented
  • The Perfect Summit Formula
  • 5 Steps to Creating Your Own Online Summit

Online Summits are an untapped resource for you! Online Summits allow you to build rapport with multiple potential clients, create a unique opportunity to collaborate with other coaches and speakers, and help you build and reinforce your brand as a coach.

Hosted by Sherrie Cameron, certified Life CoachFinancial Representative, studying Zen Trilotherapy Practitioner and Event Planner, who passionately guides people who long for M.O.R.E. – MoneyOpportunitiesResults and Experiences to ignite their authentic self and design a dream life that gives them the freedom to live and work with inspired passion.

In connecting people to their life vision and helping them to step into making the difference that only they can make in the world, Sherrie is a proven tour guide to the world of passion-filled abundance, your GPS guiding you down your Pathway to M.O.R.E. 

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