Online Learning Lab | Breathwork for Coaches & Their Clients – Recording Only


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Help your clients get unstuck to create clarity and take action through breath practices!

Did you know that the average human breathes around 16-20 breaths a minute?

That’s less than 2 seconds on the inhale and 2 seconds on the exhale. When we’re stressed, our breath may be even quicker and shallower.

We’re cut off from our vitality.

Get into a more relaxed state of mind that provides more perspective, opens your mind up to be aware of more possibilities so that you can reset yourself and get un-stuck!

Learn valuable, simple breath techniques to improve your life and the lives of your clients.

***If you cannot attend the live workshop on May 28th, feel free to pre-purchase the recording.
(included in CCF’s Gold and Titanium memberships)