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Breathwork for Coaches & Their Clients

Help your clients get unstuck to create clarity and take action through breath practices

Did you know that the average human breathes around 16-20 breaths a minute? That’s less than 2 seconds on the inhale and 2 seconds on the exhale. When we’re stressed, our breath may be even quicker and shallower.

We’re cut off from our vitality.

This workshop allows us, as coaches, to shift our focus – and our client’s focus – back to the basics… That is, the breath.

Through the power of breathwork and simple-to-use and easy-to-teach breathing techniques, we can:

  1. Tap into the emotions that drive habits,
  2. Open the mind up to new possibilities, creating energy, relaxation, calmness, and remedy the feeling of being stuck,
  3. Learn how to shift focus to the present and guide limiting narratives so that we have the ability to rewrite our storyline,
    and so so much more!

Hosted by Nirmal Singh, the creator of The Wellness Path, an independent business offering a multi-faceted path of healing through coaching, yoga, and music as a means to provide clients with both personal and community support on their journey of self-discovery. The Wellness Path’s vision is to inspire clients to discover and follow their inner guidance, and keep up their commitments to realize the very best version of themselves.

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