Certified Master Coach Practitioner | Self-Study


The Certified Master Coach Practitioner course (also referred to as the Business of Coaching Certification) is a 10 module self-study business development course for coaches lays out the plan, strategies and techniques essential to building your thriving and lucrative coaching business.


The Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Course is an Advanced Business Development Training Course offering a comprehensive platform designed to provide coaches with the systems, strategies and revenue-generators to build a thriving and lucrative coaching business.

People get involved in the coaching business because they want to make a difference. The problem encountered by many coaches today is that, although they know how to coach and they’re passionate about their area of expertise, they often struggle with the process of building their coaching business successfully.

This 10-module business development course for coaches lays out the planstrategies and techniques essential to building your thriving and lucrative coaching business.

Your registration includes:

  • How to build the foundation of a thriving coaching business
  • How to position yourself as an authority in your coaching niche
  • How to build a powerful client acquisition funnel
  • How to market in the 21st century
  • How to leverage the power of your network
  • Coaches are Authors
  • Coaches are Speakers
  • How to sell without selling
  • How to build powerful group coaching and masterminds
  • Your Coaching Business Countdown to Launch