Titanium Membership – Annual – New Member


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The Certified Coaches Federation TITANIUM membership subscription, includes:

  • One-on-One Coaching Meetings with a CCF Coach (monthly, 45 minutes)
  • 60 Minute Strategy Call, annually
  • “Coaches Connect” Group Coaching, monthly
  • Certified Coach Practitioner training program
  • Business of Coaching Certification training program
  • Certified Group Coach Practitioner training program
  • Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner training program
  • Everything in Gold Membership
  • CCF Graduate Facebook Group
  • Next Steps Webinar Series
  • All Online Learning Lab Workshops
  • All Mastermind Sessions
  • Enhanced Client Questionnaires
  • Enhanced Coaching Agreements
  • Enhanced Logos
  • CCF Course Recordings (throughout membership)

Titanium Membership Pricing ($16,000 Annual Value)

For new Titanium Members, the first 12 months cost is $4,997 (or $416/mo). To purchase, click either link below:
For new Titanium Members who hold a Certified Coach Practitioner certification with the CCF, your price is only $3,997 (or $333/mo). To purchase, click either link below (password protected*):
*If you do not have a password and are a CCF 'grad', contact support(at)certifiedcoachesfederation.com!
For all renewing Titanium Members, after the first 12 months, Titanium membership renewal rates drop to $3,497 annually (or $291/mo) thereafter. To purchase, click either link below (login required):
No additional discounts. Applicable taxes apply.