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Discover Powerful New Insights Into Your Passions, Underlying Motivations, Interests, and Stress Behaviours

Experience CCF’s Online Learning Lab, Coaching Chaos to Confidence: How to Understand Yourself, Your Clients, And Build The Coaching Career You Want!

This is it! This is your chance to finally put an end to the struggle.

No more…

  • Going in circles, trying to figure out your next steps
  • Being negatively impacted by the uncertainty of the past couple of years
  • Being frustrated and feeling unfulfilled
  • Not living your purpose
  • Feeling like you’re at a dead-end, ready for change
  • Feeling like you’re running on empty
  • Not making enough of a difference in the world

You know all the problems you and other people who want to rediscover their true passions and motivations face?

They’re about to become a thing of the past.

Attend the workshop and you will:

  • Learn about the 9 Components of Personality
  • Be Introduced to the Birkman Method of Behavioural, Occupational, and Career-Exploration Assessment
  • Understand how introverts and extroverts are complementary and how you can benefit from this
  • Learn how you can fill your energy tank and leverage your impact
  • Discover what passion-busters are and what drains most people
  • Find out what stress behaviours  are and what self-aware people do about them
  • Discover what underlying motivations are and how people can take advantage of them
  • Discover the strengths most people miss and how that may sabotage them
  • Learn the 10 Areas of Interest and how people can cultivate them

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