Coach Certification Package (L1 & L5)



Become a Certified Coach and specialize as a Leadership Coach with the

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Why Become A Certified Coach?

Certified Coaches Federation coaches enjoy the following lifestyle and career benefits:

  • A greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in life – because you’re making a difference.
  • Improved relationships – both at home and at work. Our Certified Coaches learn new ways to not only communicate your ideas, but also to understand all modes of communication in a whole new way that is natural and easy to practice.
  • Positive self-esteem and increased levels of self-confidence.
  • More life balance financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
  • Greater connection to the world and your life purpose.
  • Ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks.
  • Enjoy an abundant lifestyle while making a positive contribution to the world.

What’s included in the Coach Certification Package?

1. Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach Training (LEVEL 1)

Certified Coach Practitioner TrainingIn this package, you are registering for either our two day intensive Life Coach and Executive Coach Certification Training Program or the SELF-STUDY Life Coach Executive Coach Certification Training Program.

Either the LIVE or the SELF-STUDY program provides new and seasoned coaches alike with leading-edge coaching and business development skills to naturally ensure your long term success in this rewarding, expanding profession! Over 14,000 coaches have chosen the Certified Coaches Federation for their Certified Coach Training making our program one of the most popular Life Coach and Executive Coach Certification programs in the world.

You’ll learn how to go out and start helping people. You’ll build a powerful foundation from which to launch your new career, but you’ll never be “finished” learning. We continue to support your learning process through our Continuing Education tutorials.

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2. Certified Leadership Coach Course (LEVEL 5)

In addition to the LEVEL 1 training, the Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course, you are also registering for the Certified Leadership Coach course (LEVEL 5).

Become a Certified Leadership Coach

Certified Leadership Coach

With a Certified Leadership Coach™ designation, an existing CCF Certified Coach can lean into coaching one of the most lucrative submarkets within the overall coaching marketplace, that of leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

By becoming a Certified Leadership Coach™, you will have the tools and skills to effectively coach leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in all areas, and accelerate your own capacity to better monetize your coaching business.

Level 5: Certified Leadership Coach

The Certified Leadership Coach™, Level 5, program defines and explores leadership using The 10 Elements of Leadership Mastery™, and introduces the Leadership Mastery Assessment Tool (LMAT) along with the Leadership Compass.

The LMAT provides a measure of current leadership effectiveness against the 10 Elements of Leadership Mastery™ using a strengths-based approach. This provides guidance to the leadership coaching client and the Certified Leadership Coach™ around the next steps and strategies for developing as a leader or executive in business, entrepreneurship, or the non-profit world.

The Level 1, Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course, is a pre-requisite for the Certified Leadership Coach Course.


You must select your LEVEL 1 program (live or online) within 60 days of your purchase of this COACH CERTIFICATION PACKAGE.

After checkout, you will be sent an email asking you to select your LEVEL 1 live course session or online program. (Please see the Schedule of Events or contact our office at 1-866-455-2155)

This sale is non-retroactive.

At the checkout, if you know the date and the location of the Certified Coach Practitioner™ course you’d like to attend, please indicate its date and city in the notes section. Once you have purchased, you will soon receive an email with a link to choose your format of study (live or self-study).



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