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Learn what makes your clients tick and help them align their core values to their goals. Create better rapport and trust with your clients by understanding their values clearly, thereby making it easier to both secure and keep clients. Plus, learn how to conduct a Core Values Discovery Session so you can help your clients (or yourself) set up for success!


The Complete Client Core Values Workshop

Discover the Formula to Help Your Clients Find Their Core Value & Reach Their Goals

Discovering your clients’ core values is a critical component for determining what makes your client tick and to be able to push the right buttons – and avoid pushing the wrong ones – to inspire them.

This workshop will teach you the foundations of facilitating a discovery session for your clients so they can hit the ground running with their core values.

Inspire your clients by helping them discover their core values and connecting their values with their goals. Build rapport and trust with your clients by celebrating their uniqueness through discovering their core values and aligning their goals to match. Plus, use this training on yourself or your loved ones or co-workers to unlock their core values to seek alignment and avoid conflict.

In this amazing workshop, discover your clients’ core values to discover their purpose. This workshop materials include: Client Core Values Preparation, a Client Core Values Roadmap, Client Core Values Card Deck, Client Core Values Checklist, and the Client Core Values slides. Access a deck of virtual core values cards so you can help determine your clients core values (and do the same for you!); Learn what core values are and why they are so important in any career or business venture, and learn the process to conduct a core values discovery session with your clients.

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