Certified Coach Practitioner – live online | Nov 28-29 2020 (Eastern Daylight Time)

$1,179.00 $979.00


Life Coach Training and Executive Coach Training.

You’re probably wondering, “What is Coach Training all About?”

First, when you attend our two-day Life Coach Training and Executive Coach Training, you will get coaching skills and business development insights to help you be successful as a coach.

Secondly, after attending this amazing life coach training, you will be able to start coaching right away. The Certified Coaches Federation’s Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course will teach you to work with others. Most importantly, learn to help your clients accomplish their goals so they can turn their dreams into reality.

Subsequently, many participants have told us of their personal growth experience in this program.

Over 14,000 coaches have chosen the Certified Coaches Federation for their Life Coach Training and Executive Coach Training. As a result, our program is one of the most popular Coach Training in the world!

Included in your registration:

    • An unforgettable two days of live interaction with proven content and outcomes
    • Experience as a Coach and a Client throughout the two days
    • Proprietary tools to use with your clients
    • The format for your first three coaching sessions with your clients
    • Proprietary CCF Certified Coach Practitioner Certification Guide and the CCF Goals & Objectives Tool
    • You get to master the language of coaching including an introduction to Neuro-linguistic programming
    • You get to learn how people create limiting beliefs and how to create new empowering beliefs
    • A one-on-one follow up coaching session with the Coach Trainer, Rod Macdonald
  • Automatic and FREE registration in our Certified Life Coach Training and Executive Coach Training Continuing Education Program
  • Access to reduced-fee, re-sit of the program for life (many of our participants enjoy it so much they come back again and again)

Included in the Continuing Education Program:

  • Coaching skills and strategies tutorials
  • Tutorials for business-building and marketing strategies
  • A live, monthly “Next Steps” webinar series
  • A massive archive of “Next Steps” webinar series
  • Proprietary and updated Certified Coach Practitioner™ Life Coach Training and Executive Coach Certification forms & handouts
  • Sample coaching agreements
  • Unlimited access to the Certified Coaches Federation logo, available in a variety of formats

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