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As a CCF grad (certificate holder), there is no cap on how many people you refer to our certification programs.

When someone new signs up to take one of our certifications and mentions your name as the person who referred them, you will receive $100 once they have completed their certification.

You can certainly reach out to anyone you know who is thinking about becoming a coach, but to make this super easy for you, we’ve created a sample of what you could post on social media to let people know about CCF:

If you’re thinking about becoming a coach, you should check out CCF. I got certified with CCF and definitely recommend them. And make sure to mention my name as the person who told you about them! Go to www.certifiedcoachesfederation.com/certifications to learn more.

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As a Titanium Member with the CCF, you already have access to our greatest resources, but there's still more...

You can also refer people to the Titanium Membership program to receive a referral bonus! Once your new referral has been a Titanium member for 3 months, you receive $250 just for telling them about us!

Use this blurb to tell others you think might be interested in about CCF's Titanium membership:

Join the CCF's Titanium Membership program and you get instant access to a collaborative and supportive community of likeminded coaches, the education, tools and resources that can elevate you, and the support you need to build your coaching business fast! Visit www.certifiedcoachesfederation.com/memberships to learn more!

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"Life coaching has interested me for many years. Trying to decide which company's course to enroll in was a challenge. I am so happy with my decision as the course material was enlightening and extremely helpful and Derrick Sweet is an amazing man and he created an amazing, informative, and engaging weekend for all!" -- C. Ludwig

"CCF is not like any other companies, their staff and content is the cream of the crop. You’ll leave transformed from the course and will most likely end up with a few extra friends by the end of the course. I can’t recommend it enough."

"I took this course for personal growth and to help me with engaging people in a business venture. It surpassed my expectations in so many ways. For one it incorporated concepts that I already believe in and practice and explains the science into the WHY and HOW the CCF coaching process works with people. I had an awesome experience role-playing and experiencing the tools provided in their Guide book that accompanies the course. The facilitator is obviously expert in these skills and was engaging as well as entertaining. There was enormous energy in the room and he knew how to seize it. I also think it's affordable and once a graduate one has access to continued learning at a discount to become a master at this and create a business. I would highly recommend the course."

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