Presenter Application

Presenter Application

Presenter Application

Apply to Present With the CCF

Here at the Certified Coaches Federation, we are all about inclusivity and creativity.

If you have an workshop idea that you want to run with the CCF's coaching community, we have the platform for you!

Provide a description of your workshop in the application below. Be clear with the workshop's purpose, outcomes, content, and presentation (e.g. activity, group work, oral presentation, slideshow, a combination, etc.). Explain the focus of your workshop, what the participates will learn, and how they can implement this information in their practices.

Potential presenters are encouraged to submit an electronic copy of their workshop handout or materials. Attach any files that you may want to include in your application.

Sample Presenter Info

Sample Headshot:

Rod Macdonald

Sample Bio: Rod Macdonald, CEO of the CCF, has over 30 years experience in the field of wellness and self-improvement. Rod is a leading authority on personal and professional change. He is a semi-retired multisport athlete, 4-time Ironman competitor, cross-Canada cyclist, former competitive rower, 200-hour RYT yogi, coach, published author, editor and proud husband, and father. As a speaker, has helped people be their best through spoken word, delivering his message on stages at events across the world.

Sample Workshop Info

Sample Title: Crack the Code of Human Behaviour

Sample Tagline: Why Is Your Clients' Behaviour Out Of Control?

Sample Description: Do you ever wonder why you do what you do? Why your clients behave irrationally? It's no secret that successful coaches can clearly understand human behaviour. Learn about how you can bring about unprecedented behavioural changes and gain insight into how people think, feel, and act. This is important when you find yourself, or your clients, struggling with limiting beliefs. At this workshop, you will learn: (1) 10 ways to better understand your clients (2) Humanity’s Master Code (3) Secrets to Master Habit Formation (4) What Creates Our Behaviour (5) How to Re-Program the Subconscious Mind, and much more! A workbook will be provided for attendees to follow along and learn a new tool.

Presenter Application Form

Thank you for your interest in applying to present with the Certified Coaches Federation!

Please complete the following form.

We are always looking for inspiring and motivated coaches and professionals to bring new perspectives and introduce new topics to our coaching community. If you think you have an awesome idea for a workshop, we will probably think it's awesome, too!

Thank you for your interest in applying to present with the Certified Coaches Federation!

If you have any questions about the application and review process, please contact support(at)