Online Learning Lab

Online Learning Lab

Online Learning Lab

One Topic.
One Goal.
Making you a better coach.

The Certified Coaches Federation's Online Learning Lab is an ongoing series of workshops designed to be more affordable and more accessible than multi-day events.

These workshops are focused on helping you be the best coach you can be with real, usable information.

Simply put, we want you to "Get in. Get out. Get Better."


Calling All Learners

The Certified Coaches Federation has launched a new high-energy online learning series that brings relevant topics into the light with one goal - for YOU to LEARN.

CCF's Online Learning Lab is a series of learning opportunities - the perfect way to stay in-the-know on the most relevant personal and professional topics, spanning across multiple industries.

The Certified Coaches Federation has been known for certifying life and business coaches across the globe and inspiring those looking for an inspiring shift in their lives, personally and professionally.

Happy Clapping Audience

What will you find with CCF's Online Learning Lab?

Resources & Tools to Excel

Techniques and Takeaways to Create Good Habits

Clear understanding of relevant professional and personal challenges and how to overcome them

Who should attend CCF's Online Learning Lab?

Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Coach Trainers

Health, Wellness, and Fitness Professionals

Entrepreneurs, Business Executives & Leaders, Human Resource Professionals

Upcoming Online Learning Labs


What Makes Your Client "Tick"?

August 14, 2021 from 12 pm to 3 pm ET.

Have you ever wondered how you can push the right buttons (and avoid pushing the wrong ones) to inspire your clients?

In this amazing workshop you will learn how to facilitate a basic core values discovery session for your clients.

This is a critical component for determining what makes your client “tick” and to be able to push the right buttons (and avoid pushing the wrong ones!) to inspire them.

In this amazing workshop, you will be given:

  • an introductory deck of virtual core values cards,
  • the background of core values,
  • the process to conduct a core values discovery session,

You will learn how to use this core values discovery process with individuals and groups, both in-person and online.

As a bonus, you can take yourself and your loved ones or co-workers through this to unlock their core values to seek alignment and avoid conflict.

An optional assignment upgrade will provide you with the designation of CCF Certified Core Values Coach (CCF-CCV).

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OLL Client Core Values Workshop

Online Learning Lab | The Complete Client Core Values Workshop


The Certified Coaches Federation presents, in their Online Learning Lab, “The Complete Client Core Values Workshop” taking place August 14, 2021 from 12 pm to 3 pm ET.

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What Are People Saying?

A M A Z I N G content Rod.. thank you! Will do a deep dive into the recordings – very rich & need more processing time  😊

Very appreciative of this session today! Thank you for all you do! Invaluable gems in the presentation and can’t wait for the next!

I just finished participating in the Learning Lab... WOWZERS... chalked full of great information, tools and insights that will help me be better, serve more, create more and help my clients do the same in their own lines. Thank you CCF for a great afternoon of learning!

Thank you. This was a great workshop. Timing couldn’t be any better as I am setting up my practice and I have my first client.

Awesome Learning Lab! Loved it!

Thank you! Informative and gave me an insight into myself that I need to be aware of when coaching.

The Online Learning Lab from today was awesome!!! Thanks Rod, I can't wait to take my Level 1 training for Coaching.

Previous Online Learning Labs


Why Clients Do What They Do

Have you ever wondered why your clients, patients, or customers sabotage themselves?

Are you frustrated because your time, energy, and effort working with them doesn't seem to get anywhere?

Against every wish you and your clients have had for themselves, do they still sabotage themselves?

If this sounds familiar, CCF's Online Learning Lab on "Crack the Code of Human Behaviour" will answer the question: Why do clients do what they do?

In this amazing workshop, you will learn:

  • Evolutionary foundations of human behaviour
  • How people mature over their lives
  • Cultural influences that are hidden and influencing their behaviours
  • Types of things that they need to do and be conscious of to be able to make the choices to help them get to their goals
  • The influence that age and gender has on achieving their goals.

Plus, access an easy personality profiling tool that you can use to better understand yourself, and your clients.

If you want to better understand yourself and support your client at an even more profound level, then please check out Crack the Code of Human Behaviour, part of our CCF Online Learning Lab.