Membership has its benefits!

Being a member of the Certified Coaches Federation has three levels of benefits.

Be the best coach you can be.

Being a member of the Certified Coaches Federation has its benefits, and a lot of them! Whether you are a graduate of one of our programs, or a coach certified by another organization, there is something for everyone!

Being a member of the Certified Coaches Federation is the key to belonging to a community of coaches and continuing your education and it's only available through the CCF Membership program.

Get instant access to our supporting and collaborative community, comprehensive education, exclusive tools & resources, coaching, and the support you need to build your lucrative coaching business fast!

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Why membership is important

Two women laughingBeing part of a community is something that is wired into our DNA from the earliest human tribes to today.

As the saying goes, “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

Now, with our new membership program, you can do both! You will be an independent coach while experiencing a sense of togetherness as a member of the Certified Coaches Federation within a community of coaches.

Knowing you are part of a supportive community of member coaches will make the challenging times easier and the easy times more fun. We look forward to you being part of this great community!

Whether you are a beginner coach looking for ways to start your own coaching business or a seasoned coach trying to scale your coaching business, the CCF's membership programs can give you everything you need to build, scale, and maintain your coaching business.

Join our new Titanium Membership program today and get instant access to a collaborative and supportive community of likeminded coaches, the education, tools and resources that can elevate you, and the support you need to build your coaching business fast!

The CCF offers different levels of membership. Depending on where you are as a coach and where you want to go, choosing the right membership is important.

Choose a membership with the CCF and get Instant Access to:

Receive monthly one-on-one coaching*

A comprehensive library of training resources to help you become a world-class coach

Strategy Calls and Group Coaching sessions to facilitate your growth as a coach*

Complete training and credentials to elevate you to Certified Master Coach status*

Exclusive tools and resources to accelerate your coaching business success

A supportive community of likeminded coaches you can collaborate easily with.

*available for certain membership levels only

Discover the Benefits in each Membership

Our membership levels

Depending on where you are in your coaching journey, it is important to understand what the CCF membership levels can do for you.

Learn about our different membership levels below.


For those serious about building their coaching brand and being part of the CCF community
CCF Titanium Member

The CCF's Titanium Membership is for those who...

  • Are seriously committed to building and scaling their coaching career and coaching business
  • Are looking for ways to accelerate their growth as a successful coach with a thriving business
  • Like to have ongoing coaching and accountability from like-minded and supportive coaches
  • Are passionate about scaling their coaching business and hitting new goals and making a more significant impact!

The membership includes up-to-date training (to keep you on the cutting edge), group coaching to keep you on track, all CCF certifications to elevate your status as a coach and a community of like-minded individuals for help and collaboration.

CCF Titanium Membership is truly an indispensable resource center for both beginner and experienced coaches.


For those interested in being part of the CCF community & discounts on certifications
CCF Gold Membership

The CCF's Gold Membership is for those who...

  • Are hoping to join an active community of coaches
  • Wish to access great coaching tools, templates, and resources
  • Wish to receive a discounted rate on advanced CCF certification training programs

The Gold membership focuses on workshops, webinars, and learning opportunities in group coaching settings. Being a Gold Member with the CCF means you are part of a strong community and want to participate regularly in ongoing learning opportunities.


For those who have completed a CCF certification and wish to be a part of the CCF community
Bronze Member

The CCF's Bronze Membership is for those who...

  • Have successfully completed a CCF certification training program
  • Wish to be a part of a community of coaches
  • Want access to basic resources to assist them with their coaching journey

CCF's Bronze Membership is available for those who have successfully completed a CCF training program and hold a certification with the CCF. This is a complimentary membership program achieved after course completion, and includes basic resources to help you as a coach with your next steps after receiving certification.

This membership is not available to purchase.

Which membership is right for you?

Bronze Gold Titanium
Private Facebook Group
Blog & Newsletter Contributor
CCF Successes Spotlight
Basic Logos
Enhanced Logos
Basic Questionnaires & Agreements
Enhanced Questionnaires & Agreements
Bonus Tools & Templates
Live Online Course Recordings 30 days
Live Events, Workshops & Recordings
Next Steps All All All
Coaches Connect (Group Coaching) All All
Online Learning Labs All All
Masterminds Limited All
Certified Coach Practitioner
Business of Coaching Certification 30% off
Certified Group Coach Practitioner 30% off
Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner 30% off
Premium Perks
Annual Strategy Call 30 minutes 60 minutes
Certified Master Coach Status Available*
One-On-One Coaching Available** Included
Social Media Automation Bootcamp Available

*upon completing all certifications
**purchase necessary

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