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Skills and
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Build, sustain, and expand a successful coaching practice with EMERGE2

The world has shifted in a VERY short period of time. Faced with the greatest public health crisis in a generation, almost every coach, entrepreneur, leader, executive, and small business faces incredible stress and difficult choices. As the fallout from COVID-19 continues, the next several months may not automatically get any better. From how we engage our clients, to how we run our businesses and lead our teams, to how we interact as employers and co-workers, to how we engage as parents and friends - everything has changed.

And here is the biggest shift: The most successful coaches have an authentic passion for reaching people and organizations, a sincere desire to serve and add value, and see themselves as an ONLINE BUSINESS with a possible OFFLINE EXPRESSION.

They no longer see themselves as an OFFLINE BUSINESS with a possible ONLINE EXPRESSION. The business development, marketing, sales, and delivery is digital, with a possible in-person expression. The model is ONLINE first, then OFFLINE when appropriate.

EMERGE2 SUMMIT - the CCF online summit - is designed specifically to help you build, sustain, and expand a successful coaching practice.

Thriving businesses live in a place of awareness, acceptance, and adaptation. That's why EMERGE2 is the most extensive online summit on business growth and business development in the history of the Certified Coaches Federation. Attend EMERGE2 to learn secrets to build your brand, strengthen your reach, expand your impact, and grow your income.

EMERGE2 will focus on growing coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs and giving them the skills and tools to next-level their impact and income.

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For the coach who doesn't know what to do next, to the entrepreneur who is seeking to lean in, to the company who wants to motivate their employees to persevere...

You can choose to face uncertainty with courage, emerge, and rise again!

Emerge is an 15-hour live and interactive online experience that offers high-value
professional development from world-class authorities.

At EMERGE2 you will:

  • Discover secrets and strategies to build your brand, strengthen your reach, expand your impact, and grow your income.
  • Learn skills and tools to next level your reach, build authentic relationships, and 10x your results.
  • Uncover how to use coaching to create a high-performance culture of flourishing, belonging and safety.
  • Find out how to develop as a coach who can inspire and engage clients, be they individuals or organizations.
  • Better understand why the most successful coaches discover their coaching niche, and how they use it to leverage impact and income.
  • Examine coaching approaches that succeed in developing new behaviors and habits.
  • Network, collaborate, and benchmark with your professional peers.

This was my first CCF Conference as a recently certified CCF Coach Practitioner. I really enjoyed the speakers and absolutely loved that it was a virtual experience.

The speakers were very informative and passionate about the way they are able to serve others.

I would highly recommend this conference and look forward to the next one in December.

-Lorene Hughes Calgary, Alberta

I am truly emerging as a coach because of EMERGE.

My life will never remain the same!

-Ijeoma Ndah

EMERGE was 3 days well spent! It was informative, educational, inspiring and helped to broaden and build not only my repertoire of coaching skills but my network of wonderful people with hearts to serve.


The Tools you Need to Grow Your Business!

Brain-Based Coaching & Neuroscience

Developing Exceptional Skills in Coaching, Speaking & Tech

Elevating Your Sales

With LIVE ONLINE EMERGE2 SUMMIT sessions, recordings of EMERGE2 Modules, and BONUS online courses, EMERGE2 will provide you with the tools you need. Based on feedback we received from the original EMERGE held in August 2020, EMERGE2 will focus on 3 key areas for those who are interested in growing their coaching business - or frankly for anyone who is interested in growing any business:

Brain-Based Coaching & Neuroscience

Developing Exceptional Skills in 3 Key Areas:

    • Coaching Skills - Delivering an exceptional client experience, every session!
    • Speaking Skills - Growing your coaching practice by learning exceptional skills as a speaker.
    • Tech Skills - Driving the growth of your business by learning easy skills in video, audio, and lighting.

Elevating Your Sales:

    • Sales Funnel Design and Growth - What is a Sales Funnel, how do you design one, how do you fill it? How can you align your Sales Funnel and Value Ladder?
    • Social Media Skills - What are the secrets of the most successful experts in social media at authentic connections and driving business growth?
    • Selling Skills - What can we learn from the very best when it comes to closing the most important deals?

Who should attend EMERGE?

EMERGE2 is for coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives who are passionate about the following areas:

  • Coaching & mentorship
  • Leadership development
  • Leading teams
  • Increasing revenue
  • Growing sales
  • Training & learning development
  • Organizational development
  • Wellness & wellbeing
  • Mental health
  • Executive development
  • Succession planning
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The 3 day EMERGE Summit was a perfect combination of inspiration, marketing, coaching strategies, energy, empathy & networking. BRAVO to all involved!

-Sylvue V., CCF Coach, North Bay ON

Wow! The EMERGE CCF online conference lived up to its name by delivering great content by exceptional speakers that will catapult your coaching business above the rest.

The EMERGE conference was both inspirational and skill-building in nature and provided a platform for connection with other coaches worldwide. This session was a tremendous value for both new and experienced coaches.

-Gabrielle Manski

This event is a must for any coach! International speakers and experts generously shared their best practices for us to learn within a safe and supportive environment.

I am fulfilled with courage and valuable tools that will allow me to do more for my clients and to take my coaching business to the next level.

-Ana-Maria O.

EMERGE2 Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Outsanding Keynote Speakers

Relevance & Agility

Become relevant like never before, and learn the agility required to adapt.

Recorded Replays

A recording of all content, delivered to you shortly after the summit ends, so you can relive the experience.

Meet the speakers for Emerge2


Abe Brown

President, Certified Coaches Federation
Adale Boudreau

Adale Boudreau

Empowerment Coach
Chris Scappatura

Chris Scappatura

President, Professional Speakers Federation
Connie Jakab

Connie Jakab

The Brave Parent Institute
Author, Speaker, Coach
Glen Wright

Glen Wright

Certified Life Coach
Certified Leadership Coach
Joy Tajanlangit

Joy Tajanlangit

Coached By Joy, Life, Executive & Leadership Coach
Mike Chambers

Mike Chambers

President, Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Ronda Lauer

Ronda Lauer

Certified Coach, Author

Rod Macdonald

CEO, Certified Coaches Federation
Sophea Chhim

Sophea Chhim

HWWCP Platinum Pro
Coaching Business Coach
Dr. Ruth Lange

Dr. Ruth Lange

Empowerment Coach
Dr. Wayne Hammond

Dr. Wayne Hammond

Founder & CSO, Flourishing Life Technologies

Your moderators and hosts

Rod Macdonald

Rod Macdonald

Mike Chambers 2020

Mike Chambers

Abe Brown

Abe Brown

Marsha Staton Sweet

Marsha Staton Sweet

For the coach who doesn't know what to do next... For the entrepreneur who is seeking to lean in... To the company who wants to motivate their employees to persevere...

You can choose to face uncertainty with courage!

Emerge and rise again!

Certified Coaches Federation