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Some of the worlds most successful people have a coach: Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, and many other celebrities, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives.

Working with a coach can help you propel you forward in any part of your life, professionally and personally.

We have many ways that you can work with a coach. Our two most popular methods are through booking your Strategy Call, or by tapping into our One-on-One coaching program.

Your coach can assist you in following through on your goals to reach your full potential! No matter what area of your life you want to improve, transform, or simply discuss, working with a coach can ensure you don't have to do it alone.

Get to know our coaches!

The CCF Coaches are professionals who have created and run their own coaches businesses and who are also active Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coaches.

Strategy Call: Gold and Titanium members benefit from an annual Strategy Call with a CCF Coach where members can discuss your goals, your biggest growth opportunities and strategies that can help you accelerate your growth as a coach.

One-on-Coaching: The One-on-One monthly coaching program is an excellent opportunity to participate in a coaching relationship that supports your personal and professional development and goals. Now included in the CCF's Titanium membership, and available for purchase as an optional add-on for CCF Gold membership!

Adale Boudreau


MINDSET & ACCOUNTABILITY COACH | Mindset  |  Accountability  |  Leadership| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications Certified Coach PractitionerCertified Master Coach PractitionerCertified Advanced Coach PractitionerCertified Leadership Coach Adale is a successful entrepreneur who turned an unprofitable Weight Loss Distributorship into a Million Dollar Business in 3 short years, earning The President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.  With her team approach to business, she spearheaded a regional Co-op Advertising Committee which enabled the GTA region to all grow their sales. As a Matchmaker, Adale had the joy of creating love matches and bringing together couples. She worked regularly with…

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Heather Stewart


HEATHER STEWART COACHING | Transitional Coach |  Small Business Coach |  Life Coach| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications Certified Coach Practitioner Certified Master Coach Practitioner Certified Group Coach Practitioner After 15 years as a corporate financial executive Heather left the corporate world and moved into teaching yoga, opening her own yoga studio, and returned to school full time to become a Registered Massage Therapist. All of these varied and related professions allowed her to pursue her interests in health and fitness as well as teach and guide people towards finding their own healthiest selves. Remaining connected…

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Rod Macdonald Feature Image


CEO, CERTIFIED COACHES FEDERATION | Coach Business Development | Public Speaking | Personal Empowerment| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach With over 30 years’ experience in the field of wellness and self-improvement, Rod is a leading authority on personal and professional change with a focus on helping coaches get from where they are to where they want to be in their lives and businesses. Rod had spoken on stages at events in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, China, and across Canada, and co-wrote the CCF book, “Adversity to Adaptability: Turn Life’s Greatest Challenges into your Greatest Opportunities,” the…

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Ronda Lauer Feature Image


RONDA LAUER COACHING | Resilience | Beyond Adversity | Personal Power| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications Certified Coach Practitioner Certified Master Coach Practitioner Ronda Lauer is a coach extraordinaire and a Warrior Goddess, having had the amazing opportunity of discovering that adversity has been her ally in adapting in life. She has proven skills and strategies to her level of resilience and through the process has proven to rise as a self-empowered woman. Ronda is a successful entrepreneur, having had her own successful business as a personal trainer as well as a former Certified Pedorthist, having…

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