In-House Coach Certification

In-House Coach Certification

In-House Coach Certification

Executive Coach Training by CCFBring new tools and insights to your organization to build new revenue streams, increase brand loyalty, and reduce absenteeism! Your managers and team leaders can earn the Certified Executive Coach designation in an intensive two-day In-house Certification program. Our programs and tools empower your leaders to more easily identify and eliminate unproductive policies, procedures and programs which in turn improve your company’s morale, increases efficiency, and makes your organization a better environment in which to work. But you're not finished after two're just beginning!

Before choosing the Certified Coaches Federation™ our clients research and consider their options for certification. Corporations today want speed, agility and results. Many coaching programs take months (or longer) to complete, and are filled with common sense information you and your team already know. Many of coaching programs try to justify the cost, and length of time required to complete their curriculum, with more modules and systems than you need. Your team leaders want to get from a problem or goal (Point A) to solution and success (Point B) in a time-efficient, effective way. That's what coaching is all about!

Coaching is about going from point A to point B; it’s about achieving a goal or series of goals. The language we use, as coaches, is written in perspective. Perspective is rooted in common sense, wisdom and experience. It’s these 3 criteria that will determine your organization's success. Helping others get from Point A to Point B, to be effective, should be straight-forward, to the point, and as easy to communicate as it is to understand. The process of learning how to give perspective and communicate in an easy to understand approach, shouldn’t take more than 2 days. Just because something is bigger, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's more effective!

"This course and certification was very beneficial to our business because it has proven and well documented methods that will increase our offerings to our clients. We are so excited about a continued relationship and future partnership with the Certified Coaches Federation!"

Vicki L. Hubiak
President, HR Solutions, Inc.

"I knew our organization would be going through a downsizing shortly and this would place considerable strain on the folks in HR. Given this, I suggested they attend this session and each and every one had a powerful and inspirational experience which will not soon be forgotten. Our HR people suggested this would be an excellent session to provide to all those employees remaining."

John J. McIntyre
Manager, Human Resources, City of Saint John

"I wish I would have had this information years ago--but I'm thrilled to have my eyes opened now."

Susan Fenner Ph.D.
Manager, Education and Professional Development
International Association of Administrative Professionals

"The feedback evaluation forms completed by our staff following Derrick's presentation were very positive! A number of people took time to express in writing what they had learned."

Marywynne Parke
Manager Employee Services, Ontario Nurses Association

"I personally found many inspiring and motivating ideas to help build both professional and personal growth! Thank you for a wonderful program!"

Gina Evans
Director of Education and Training
Kansas Credit Union Association

"Awesome course! Loved it! Bring it back next year!"

Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario

"This information kept us on the edge of our seats!"

Rex Engstrand
Vice President-Wells Fargo & Company

To receive a quote for the Certified Coaches Federation to conduct an in-house Life Coach or Executive Coaching Certification Program for your organization, please call our head office at 1 (866) 455-2155.


For a Free In-house Proposal or to Request More Information:
In Canada & USA, call 1-866-455-2155 for immediate assistance.
International inquiries, call 1-705-738-1256 for immediate assistance.

Cost-Effective Training at Your Location: Whether you require training for a small group or extensive training for your entire workforce, in-house courses offer you significant savings and exceptional convenience with the same quality hands-on instruction delivered around the world. Bring a CCF Course in-house or to your preferred location.
Group Discounts: Receive special corporate tuition discounts. Just ask!

Advantages of a Travel-Free Learning Experience: Eliminate travel expenses and travel time. Attendees can adhere to their usual work and commuting schedules. Participants can take advantage of before-class and after-class hours to stay on top of their most time-sensitive projects.

Build Practical Skills Firsthand: Move swiftly into a new paradigm of employee management. In-house course attendees participate in hands-on exercises and workshops, and learn about case studies that reflect real-world situations, so skills are developed firsthand and applied immediately afterwards on the job.

High-Caliber Facilitators: Train with confidence. All program facilitators are experts in the field of coaching and facilitating. CCF Certified Coach Trainers are practicing coaching professionals who are leaders and experts in their field. That's why they're able to provide practical solutions to real-world problems.

Quality Reference Materials: Receive valuable coach training aids, including a personalized workbook. Participants receive comprehensive resource materials that they can refer to, long after they have completed the course.

Organization Performance Management and Career Planning: Build your staff expertise, foster teamwork, create clear career paths and inspire continuous learning among your employees.

Client Services: Spend more time learning and less time managing the administrative details of your training. The Certified Coaches Federation can select an appropriate training site for you and assist you with scheduling courses according to your need.

In-house Training Makes an Immediate Impact

  • Since 1999 Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation's clients have benefited from our results-oriented in-house training programs.
  • Targeted Training: Tailor courses specifically to your organization. We will arrange an executive briefing with your organization. Our program facilitator will work very closely with your program coordinator to ensure course content is aligned with your training objectives.

The Certified Coaches Federation™ has conducted in-house Executive Coach Certification Training Programs since 2006 and has worked with a wide range of companies and organizations in both the private and public sectors, from Fortune 500 corporations, governments & municipalities, as well as small to mid-sized companies.

Our clients* include: General Electric, KPMG Peat Marwick, Hewlett-Packard, American Express, Wells Fargo, Toronto District School Board, The City of St. John, Kansas Credit Union League, Toronto Metropolitan Police Department, The City of Burlington, North Carolina Credit Union League, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Human Resources Association of Ontario, Templeton Funds, Fidelity Investments, Ontario Nurses Association, Credit Union Managers Association, Sun Life Financial, Mississauga Hydro, Wyoming Credit Union and Sanyo Electronics.

To learn more about our in-house Executive Coach Certification Training Program please call Toll Free at 1 (866) 455-2155 or Direct at 1 (705) 738-1256.

*Including the clients of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Corporation.