Certified Master Coach Practitioner™

Certified Master Coach Practitioner™

Certified Master Coach Practitioner™

Become a Certified Master Coach

The Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Course is an advanced Business Development Training Course offering a comprehensive platform designed to provide coaches with the systems, strategies and revenue-generators to build a thriving and lucrative coaching business.

People get involved in the coaching business because they want to make a difference. The problem encountered by many coaches today is that, although they know how to coach and they’re passionate about their area of expertise, they often struggle with the process of building their coaching business successfully. This 10-week online business development course for coaches lays out the plan, strategies and techniques essential to building your thriving and lucrative coaching business.

Certified Master Coach

The Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ course includes:

  • How to build the foundation of a thriving coaching business
  • How to position yourself as an authority in your coaching niche
  • How to build a powerful client acquisition funnel
  • How to market in the 21st century
  • How to leverage the power of your network
  • Coaches are Authors
  • Coaches are Speakers
  • How to sell without selling
  • How to build powerful group coaching and master minds
  • Your Coaching Business Countdown to Launch

Course Length

10 Week online live webinar format, recorded

Class Days & Times
The Certified Master Coach Practitioner Course™ weekly sessions are offered Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Class Length
1.5 – 2 hours weekly

Equipment Needed
Computer with internet access and/or Phone, iPad

Course Requirements
Final Assignment Completion, Assignment Review Meeting with CCF CEO, Rod Macdonald

Course Materials
Weekly Class Assignments, Weekly Class Recordings, Sales Mastery Course™ audio program, Speech Mastery Course™ audio program

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  • Registration in our 10 week CCF Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Training Program
  • Access to the Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ member area
  • Downloadable course workbook that includes summaries of weekly course material
  • An official Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Certificate (presented upon successful course completion)
  • Sales Mastery Course™ training program (valued at $99.00)
  • Speech Mastery Course™ training program (valued at $99.00 )


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“Life coaching is not a regulated industry. I chose CCF because I came with questions and my questions were answered immediately and I’m really happy I chose CCF because it’s lifted me off - I was already in the initial stages of my business. It’s helping me gain the confidence having the power and really helped me and it’s still helping me and I know there’s a place for me to go when I need someone to hold my hand and I’m not sure where I’m going.”

The Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ designation is a high level of certification and is a recognized symbol of professionalism and qualification. This course is designed for coaches who have highly developed skills and expertise in communication and leadership and who are goal- oriented, highly motivated professionals.

“The CCF Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Course is in my mind an absolute prerequisite for anyone looking to become a professional coach. Derrick's insights and experience makes every session a treasure chest of useful information and ideas. For me the course has paid for itself ten times over and I felt I had gotten my full tuition back in the first session alone. If you're thinking of coaching for a living I cannot recommend this course enough.”
Peter D. Norman - Certified Coach Practitioner, CMCP

Should you take Rod's Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Course?

“Only if you desire a complete marketing strategy to propel your coaching business to the next level. What I learned in the first three weeks was worth the tuition and it would have saved me months and months of struggling. Should you take the CMCP course? My answer, is an unequivocal, resounding Yes!”
Larunce Pipkin - Austin, Texas

Business Development Guide

Follow the link below and complete the form to receive a free copy of our Business Development Guide and a full synopsis of the Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Course. Discover how the sequential flow of information will teach you the step-by-step process to build your business to its full potential.