Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner

Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner

Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner

Certified Leadership CoachGood leadership is integral to the success of any company, organization, or project as it keeps team members engaged, motivated, and working toward a common goal. The challenge is that leadership training isn’t as clear-cut or easy to find as those in leadership roles are hoping for.

This is where a Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™ steps in.

Having the right tools, techniques, and framework to establish and maintain an ongoing coach-client relationship with leaders can amplify your coaching platform and open many doors for you.

The Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner training program introduces you to a clear framework, easy-to-use tools, and effective strategies to help your leader clients to clarifyprioritizeact on, and achieve their goals, all while mastering the art of Leadership.

This information-rich, fun, and easy-to-understand course provides a clear path, the guidance, and mindset to not only be an incredible leader yourself, but also to guide others to step into their leadership greatness!

By becoming a Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™, you will have the tools and skills to effectively coach leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in all areas, and accelerate your own capacity to better monetize your coaching business.

With a Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™ designation, coaches can lean into coaching one of the most lucrative submarkets within the overall coaching marketplace, that of leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

The Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™ training program defines and explores leadership and teaches you how to use specific tools to help your Leader clients achieve their goals using a strengths-based approach.

This course provides guidance to the leadership coaching client and the Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™ around the next steps and strategies for developing as a leader or executive in business, entrepreneurship, or the non-profit world.

Included in the Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner Registration:

  • The Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™ Training Program, including 8 hours of direct training content and student-trainer conversations between fellow coaches.
  • Leadership Defined
  • Experiential learning as a Coach and a Client
  • Permission to use the Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™ Framework with your clients
  • Leadership Mastery Assessment Tool™ (LMAT)
  • Leadership Compass
  • Leadership Mantra
  • Leadership Action Plan™ (LAP)
  • Bonus tools, resources, and ongoing support
  • A one-on-one follow-up coaching session with the CCF Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner™ Trainer
  • Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive an official CCF Certificate recognizing you as a CERTIFIED LEADERSHIP COACH PRACTITIONER™!

Enroll in the Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner Training Program Today!

✔ 30 Intensive & Interactive Training Modules to Learn and Practice the Skills You Need as a Leadership Coach

✔ 4 CCF-Exclusive Leadership Coaching Tools & Forms (accessible in both Word and PDF Fillable formats) to learn and use with your clients again and again

✔ 1 Clear and Easy-To-Follow Leadership Coaching Framework to follow with your clients to help them organize, prioritize, act on, and achieve their goals

✔ 1 Printable Course Certification Guide for you to follow along as you learn and take notes

✔ 1 In-depth Case Study Example to help visualize using tools with your future Leader Clients

✔ Introduction to Leaders in Crisis training so you can be prepared to effectively guide and create resilience when your clients experience a crisis

✔ Bonus Forms and Documents to download to make it easier and more accessible for you as a coach to be successful

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