Certified Group Coach Practitioner™

Certified Group Coach Practitioner™

Certified Group Coach Practitioner™

Achieve the next level in your coach training!

Become a Certified Group Coach Practitioner™ from the comfort of your home or office in both Self-Study and the new Live online format!

Group Coaching Programs…the next step in the evolution of your coaching practice!

Certified Group Coach PractitionerMany coaches begin coaching one-on-one as they develop their coaching skills and build their coaching practice. In time, coaches discover that a group coaching practice can help them begin the process of replacing the “time-for-money” hourly coaching model (practiced by 95% of all coaches) with the lucrative group coaching platform. Group coaching, whether it is offered through a seminar, workshop, membership website, or webinar series, can give you time freedom by leveraging your expertise into a stream-lined process. Unlike your one-on-one client relationships, group coaching maximizes the time you spend customizing your coaching programs and, additionally, you are able to impact and support more clients through your coaching services.

In the Certified Group Coach Practitioner™ Online Training Course you'll learn everything from A-Z on the process of developing, marketing, and growing your Group Coaching Business!

The Certified Group Coach Practitioner™ Program is focused on the process of helping you develop the skills, tools and resources to successfully build your Group Coaching practice.

“Derrick's insights and experience makes every session a treasure chest of useful information and ideas.” Peter D. Norman - Certified Coach Practitioner, CCP, CMCP

From the comfort of your home you can learn how to reach more people, earn more money, and accomplish more in your coaching business through group coaching! Each online module covers a spectrum of topics to guide you in creating your Group Coaching Business.

The Certified Group Coach Practitioner™ Course teaches you:

  • How to start your group coaching business within weeks
    (Including all the key steps to review)
  • The common themes in the most successful group coaching programs
    (4 crucial themes you need to know)
  • The 4-step group coaching business development process
    (This module alone is worth your investment)
  • How to offer both traditional and non-traditional group coaching programs
    (Case studies reviewed)
  • How to avoid the most common group coaching mistakes
  • How to choose the most effective and affordable technology to build your group coaching business
  • How to use the best software for group coaching
  • How to improve your group coaching presentation skills
    (Speech Mastery Course for Coaches)
  • The most effective group coaching business development strategies

Bonus Module:

The Effective Way to Protect Your Intellectual Assets: Trademark & Copyright Strategies for Group Coaching Programs

Derrick Sweet, the Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation, has been trademarking products and using copyright strategies for over 25 years and in this module you'll learn all his secrets! Derrick owns dozens of intellectual assets including the international trademark, Healthy Wealthy and Wise®. In this module, you are taken through the exciting process of creating, registering, protecting and monetizing your very own intellectual assets!

Your Investment Includes:

  • Certified Group Coach Practitioner Certificate (upon successful completion of the course assignment)
  • Sales Mastery Course Audio Program...$99.00 value
  • Speech Mastery Course Audio Program... $199.00 value
  • Over $750.00 in products included with your Certified Group Coach Course!

Your Facilitator

Your facilitator for this advanced coaching program is the Founder and Chairman of the Certified Coaches Federation, Derrick Sweet, who is considered one of the leading group coaching experts. Derrick is the author of four self-improvement books including: You Don't Have To Die To Go To Heaven, Get the Most Out of Life (recommended by Dr. Wayne Dyer), Healthy Wealthy and Wise, and, his newest, The Life Mastery Course. Derrick's group coaching clients include senior management teams of several fortune 500 companies, politicians, government leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Derrick will walk you through all the steps to help you develop your group coaching skills in this exciting online course! Coaches who have completed this course are calling it "The Complete Arsenal of Comprehensive Strategies for Group Coaching."

Five Reasons to Become A Certified Group Coach Practitioner™

  1. Leverage your time
  2. Coach more clients in less time
  3. Increase your earnings potential
  4. Experience greater influence in your market niche
  5. Automate your coaching business (membership coaching)

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive an official CCF Certificate recognizing you as a CERTIFIED GROUP COACH PRACTITIONER™.

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