Advanced Coach Training Program

Advanced Coach Training Program

Advanced Coach Training Program

Certified Advanced Coach Training Course™

The Certified Advanced Coach Training Course™ teaches coaches to use Cognitive Reflex Conditioning® to help their clients program their thought patterns, moods, and beliefs to become congruent with their intentions in order to create more flow, more consistency, and more results!

Advanced Coach Training CourseThe Certified Coaches Federation™ exclusively offers coaches the opportunity to increase their coaching abilities and earning potential with our Certified Advanced Coach Training Course™.

Once you successfully complete the Certified Advanced Coach Training Course™ you'll earn the designation of Certified Cognitive Reflex Conditioning® Practitioner and you'll have the licensed rights to teach your clients our four step Cognitive Reflex Conditioning® Process in your professional practice.

Course Requirements

  • Hypnolinguistics Course (6 video online course)
  • The Certified Cognitive Reflex Conditioning® (7 online video)
  • Successful completion of the 6 course assignments
  • Successful review and evaluation meeting with course administrator
  • Upon completion of the course, the Certified Cognitive Reflex Conditioning® Practitioner certificate will be sent to you right away.

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“So, I have learned so much through Derrick Sweet. He’s an amazing guy. He kicks butt. He also has an amazing sense of humour and really encourages you to have fun with what you’re doing. I’ve learned so much through Speech Mastery, through Sales Mastery, through oh my gosh, there’s so much that the CCF can do for you. What makes it different from other organizations which are credentials is that it’s a business.

Life coaching is not a regulated industry. I chose CCF because I came with questions and my questions were answered immediately and I’m really happy I chose CCF because it’s lifted me off - I was already in the initial stages of my business. It’s helping me gain the confidence having the power and really helped me and it’s still helping me and I know there’s a place for me to go when I need someone to hold my hand and I’m not sure where I’m going.

Derrick's exuberant sense of humor and wonderful laugh, his passion for what he does, his love of the work, his philosophy/approach to life, his clear explanation, and the completely practical presentation.
A lean, mean, coaching machine!”