Life Coach Conference | Speaker Spotlight – Isabel Ferreira

Life Coach Conference | Speaker Spotlight – Isabel Ferreira


What if your life was supposed to be miraculous and you have never been taught to recognize all you have, to realise your greatness?

What if your destiny is to bring new possibilities to the world that will change the planet for the better?

What if everything you believe is wrong with you is a point of view that you can change, to free yourself from the concept of limitation?

Have you ever thought that what you know to be possible for your life is not enough? Have you ever wondered if life has more to offer than this?

Let us explore this together and give ourselves a chance to shine and prosper by putting aside the reality we live in and, for a moment, allowing other possibilities to come forward!

What if your life has been waiting for this miracle to finally embrace you and remind you of your innate greatness?

Does that sound like something you would love to give yourself? Come and join us! You will not regret it!

President, CCF EUROPE | Isabel Ferreira has been, since a very young age, totally passionate about finding the greatness of human beings. It was a driving force for her from an early age. Somehow the limitations of our existence did not seem acceptable. So, she started her search for the greatness she very much believes exists in each person.

Today she teaches people all over the world that perceived limitations are possible to change and that greatness is the essence of who we are. We were all born to shine and create great lives. Her coaching activities have brought – to thousands of people – a new approach to life and a different mindset to sustain their inner greatness.

Congratulations to Melissa Ross who won the complimentary coaching session with Isabel Ferreira!


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