Life Coach Conference | Speaker Spotlight – Derrick Sweet

Life Coach Conference | Speaker Spotlight – Derrick Sweet

Life Coach Conference Derrick Sweet

WORKSHOP | How to Earn Six-Figures a Year as a Coach

Life Coach Conference Derrick SweetEarning a six-figure income or more as a coach is a challenge in any environment and demands creativity, dedication, perseverance, tenacity, faith, and a compelling offer. To earn a six-figure income as a coach we must continue to both build credibility with our potential clients and offer them compelling reasons to hire us.

In this presentation, Derrick will explain the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program, illustrate the compelling value of the program, discuss the ideal client for this program and share how the program is promoted. You will learn multiple techniques and strategies to build a successful and lucrative coaching practice.

Derrick Sweet is the founder of both the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Corporation and the Certified Coaches Federation. 

He is the author of 3 highly celebrated self-improvement books – “Get The Most Out Of Life”, “You Don’t Have To Die To Go To Heaven”, & “Healthy Wealthy and Wise…The Common Sense Guide To Creating Abundance”. Derrick lives in Fenelon Falls, Ontario with his wife Marsha, their four horses and four dogs.

Congratulations to the winners of the LIFE MASTERY COURSE!
Jo Dessureault, Semukeliso Gono Gono & Brett Shrupski

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