Feature Friday: Cherie Seidler of AMOR Fitness & Nutrition

Feature Friday: Cherie Seidler of AMOR Fitness & Nutrition

Feature Friday: Celebrating our Coaching Community

“The CCF certificate has added value to my Holisitic Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training in ways no other course could have.  It’s brought me a vision of my clients that is so clear when they discuss their “blocks” to success so that I can further help them reach their goals.  The tools have taken my learning to another level and have allowed me to delve further into how my clients can better achieve their goals with more success than before.  I am excited about watching myself and my clients reach new heights in ALL aspects of life, not just Nutrition and Fitness but success in their careers and relationships with others and with themselves.”

Cherie Seidler
AMOR Fitness & Nutrition

Certified Coach Practitioner™ | Surrey, British Columbia | 2017


Facebook: @amorfitnessandnutrition
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cherie-seidler-0879925b/
Twitter: @cherieseidler





About Derrick Sweet

Derrick Sweet is the Executive Director & Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation. He is best known as a popular corporate keynote speaker and author of three highly celebrated books: Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Get The Most Out Of Life, and You Don’t Have To Die To Go To Heaven. As the Chairman and Founder of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Corporation, the parent company of the Certified Coaches Federation™, Derrick leads the international Training and Development company known worldwide for professional development courses and customized in-house programs.

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