Feature Friday: Tammy Adams of Intuitive Understanding

Feature Friday: Tammy Adams of Intuitive Understanding

Feature Friday: Celebrating our Coaching Community

“I was fortunate to complete my Life Coach and Executive Coach Certification in a small and intimate group setting which allowed us to receive personal attention from our trainer, Sam.  I was impressed with how quickly Sam established a save learning environment, addressing the learning styles of each of us in the room. For over 30 years, I have taught children and adults, provided education supports, training and coaching.  You could say that my focus has been on “helping people move towards their desired futures”. I have never been one to rest on my laurels as I am driven by a personal need to constantly improve my client services.  I was drawn to the CCF Life Coach and Executive Coach Certification Training Program to enhance my current practice, with effective coaching tools.  A friend recommended CCF as it was known as one of the best Life Coach Certification Training organizations in the world.  I am honoured to join the over 12,000 global coaches.  I have filled a large toolbox with effective, how-to resources to support people, from boosting confidence in their own skills to learning to pay attention to what they really want and finding the strength to take their first steps forward. Longing to get ‘unstuck’ is what most of my clients have in common.”

Tammy Adams
Intuitive Understanding

Certified Coach Practitioner™ | Niagara Falls, Ontario | 2017


Facebook: @TammyAdamsIntuitiveUnderstanding
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tammy-adams-045ba910a/
Twitter: @TammyMasterKey





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Derrick Sweet is the Executive Director & Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation. He is best known as a popular corporate keynote speaker and author of three highly celebrated books: Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Get The Most Out Of Life, and You Don’t Have To Die To Go To Heaven. As the Chairman and Founder of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Corporation, the parent company of the Certified Coaches Federation™, Derrick leads the international Training and Development company known worldwide for professional development courses and customized in-house programs.

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