Feature Friday: Natalie Wilson of High Heal Diaries

Feature Friday: Natalie Wilson of High Heal Diaries

Feature Friday: Natalie Wilson of High Heal Diaries

“The Certified Coaches Federation™ has certified me with the greatest gift of all; the ability to help others set a plan in motion and work towards a better self, life, and spiritualization. Personally, I was moved by the power, voice, and encouragement of Mr. Derrick Sweet, my Certified Coach Trainer. I came to the certification program to learn techniques on how to coach others along and left learning that, as well as a whole lot more about myself.

Now when I interview women who are on a journey of self healing, and I do my motivational speaking events, I use my techniques of positive reinforcement with a strong emphasis on using those “wonder words” and the four steps in Cognitive Reflex Conditioning®: Recognize, Realize, Replace, Repeat.”

Natalie Wilson
High Heal Diaries

Certified Coach Practitioner™ | Toronto | 2017
CCF 2017 Annual Conference Speaker


Facebook: www.facebook.com/highhealdiaries/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-wilson-17275225/
Instagram: @highhealdiaries
Twitter: @highhealdiaries






About Derrick Sweet

Derrick Sweet is the Executive Director & Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation. He is best known as a popular corporate keynote speaker and author of three highly celebrated books: Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Get The Most Out Of Life, and You Don’t Have To Die To Go To Heaven. As the Chairman and Founder of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Corporation, the parent company of the Certified Coaches Federation™, Derrick leads the international Training and Development company known worldwide for professional development courses and customized in-house programs.

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