Mining & Maximizing Your Potential

Mining & Maximizing Your Potential

Maximize your potential

How to realize our potential and apply our “WUDWAF”

As a coach, I approach each and every person with the strong and clear perspective that we are all blessed with enormous potential, and so we need to “Mine” our potential and learn to “Maximize” it. When we “Mine” our potential, we will be motivated to “Maximize” our potential. There is an ancient proverb that speaks to this: “Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor…” This proverb reveals 5 Potential Principles:

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  1. img_blog_peacockThe Appearance of Potential Does Not Always Indicate True Potential: Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor…. Here “…much food…” is not locked up in the ground of the wealthy or the educated or the elites or the rich, but the poor! What does this tell us? That the potential of every person is amazing, and just because someone doesn’t look like they have potential, it doesn’t mean they have no potential.
  2. There Is Great Potential in Every One of Us: Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor…. MUCH food! Not “little” or “small” or “puny” or “tiny”. Much! Each one of us have enormous potential. There is an incredible wealth of potential in each of us that we need to “Mine” and “Maximize”.
  3. Much of The Time, Our Potential Is Unexplored & Under-Utilized: “Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor…” Fallow ground is uncultivated, unused, idle ground. It is land “at rest”. All of us have areas of our lives that are cultivated and used. These areas are not idle. Examples include things we do all the time, things that are part of our routine, our job, our habits, and on and on. But is this the full extent of our individual potential? No way. Consider the areas of your life that are uncultivated, unused and idle. What more are you than we can see today? Who you are today is not all you can be. There is far more in you than you have let out up until now. Richard E. Boyd said, “Few men during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources within them. There are deep wells of strength that are seldom used.” The only way these, “…deep wells of strength…”, get utilized is through exploring and then using your full potential.
  4. Under-Utilized Potential Always Results in Poverty: “Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor…” Please remember, poverty is not a number in a bank account. Poverty is a way of living and being that focuses on lack. Certainly, not all poverty is due to not exploring and using your potential, but much is. Poverty is much more than money, but it is also spiritual, relational, professional, emotional, mental and financial. Not using our potential leads to the greatest poverty of all: “Could have been…”
  5. Mining” & “Maximizing” Our Potential is a Personal Choice Guided by Best Practices: This means that it makes sense to learn some best practices for mining and maximizing your potential…


Mining Your Potential…

When We “Mine” our potential, we will be motivated to “Maximize” our potential. We need to mine; explore and discover and understand our full range of potential. Being gripped by the breadth and scope of your potential will captivate you so that you want to fulfill it. People who have a full vision of their potential don’t live aimlessly, but discipline themselves to fulfill their potential. People with a vision and dream remain focused. Many have not seen the height and depth and breadth and length of their potential, and so they wander without focus. We Need to “Mine” Our Potential…

Maximizing Your Potential…

When we “Mine” our potential, we will be motivated to “Maximize” our potential. The question is: how can we maximize our potential? It’s all about 2 Things…

1) It’s About Your View
There is incredible treasure waiting inside each one of us. The world needs what you have. The dreams and inspiration and gifts and aspiration inside of you can light the way, heal the wounds, solve the problems and meet the needs of many people. But you and I need to see our value and view ourselves in a healthy way.

Who You See Yourself to Be Determines…

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  • Your Level of Faith
  • Your Depth of Self-Confidence
  • Your Scope of Accomplishment
  • Your Experience of Security
  • Your Sense of Emotional Health
  • Your Walk of Freedom
  • Your Effort When It Comes to Maximizing Your Potential…


2) It’s About Your “W.U.D.W.A.F.”

The 2nd key for Maximizing your potential is to discover your “WUDWAF”:

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  • W – What
  • U – You
  • D – Do
  • W – Well
  • A – And
  • F – Focus On That[/unordered_list]

Discovering your WUDWAF will save you from expending energy on stuff that is not your thing. It is far easier and more fulfilling to flow with the “grain” which you are uniquely gifted with. Maybe part of the reason there is so much burn-out today is because we are expending energy on stuff that is not our thing.

No “WUDWAF”…[unordered_list style=”red-x”]

  • No Form – Life has shape & form when we know our “WUDWAF”
  • No Faith – Faith comes as we know and flow with our “WUDWAF”
  • No Fragrance – Our lives are a sweet aroma when we know and flow with our “WUDWAF”
  • No Faithfulness – Anchored people know their “WUDWAF”
  • No Fun – Happy people are people who know their “WUDWAF”
  • No Favor – Success with people and our work as we flow w/our “WUDWAF”


We all have a special, unique WUDWAF specific to us. We’re happy and content when we flow with our WUDWAF. It’s far easier to work with the “grain” of our WUDWAF than against it. Not only does it produce limited results, it is also a waste of your talents, time and energy. How do you discover your WUDWAF?
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  1. Experiment: With as Many Things as Possible. You’ll never know unless you try. Many times we want to find out our WUDWAF without a “Prospector Mentality”. This is where we want to find our gifts, but without risk and possible embarrassment. We aren’t like a prospector trying to find our specific gold mine, and we need to be that way to find our gifts. To find your gifts, you need to be willing to experiment with as many things as you can so you know what you’re gifted at.
  2. Enjoy: What You Enjoy Doing Is Probably Your WUDWAF.
  3. Excel: What You Do Well Is Probably Your WUDWAF. This just makes sense.


Each one of us is blessed with enormous potential, and so we need to “Mine” our potential, and learn to “Maximize” it. When we “Mine” our potential, we will be motivated to “Maximize” our potential. Maximizing Your Potential is all about your view, and all about your WUDWAF. Let’s make a difference today!



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Abe Brown, MBA Abe Brown is an Entrepreneur, High-Performance Leadership Coach, Speaker, Executive, and Best-Selling Author. He has been called the Coach’s Coach, and is the President of the Certified Coaches Federation, the President of Momentum Coaching, and the CEO of Wellness Innovate. The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified over 14,000 Life and Executive Coaches in the last 13 years. Abe does Leadership and Executive Coaching, and works with organizations around strategic planning, leadership and culture, workplace wellbeing, and cultivating fully engaged employees. His mantra is to Live, Lead, Serve, and Matter.


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