10 Ideas to Start Profiting Off Your Coaching Business

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So, you’ve finished your coach training and have earned your official coach certification. Achieving your coach certification is a really important step in entering the world of coaching. Not everyone is certified and you’ve taken the time to show your clients you have enhanced your coaching skills and are equipped with tried and true coaching…

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CEO, CERTIFIED COACHES FEDERATION | Coach Business Development | Public Speaking | Personal Empowerment| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach With over 30 years’ experience in the field of wellness and self-improvement, Rod is a leading authority on personal and professional change with a focus on helping coaches get from where they are to…

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MRTRAINTHEBRAIN | Physical Pain holding you back. I help you figure out the cause of the pain and how to manage it  |  Architect of Potential. I help people ignore the impossible and imagine their possible.|  Rewire the Brain for Success. Using physical exercise and nutrition| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications…

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RONDA LAUER COACHING | Resilience | Beyond Adversity | Personal Power| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications Certified Coach Practitioner Certified Master Coach Practitioner Ronda Lauer is a coach extraordinaire and a Warrior Goddess, having had the amazing opportunity of discovering that adversity has been her ally in adapting in life. She…

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Deanna Lawson-Langford

DEANNA LANGFORD COACHING | Business Building and Wellness for Entrepreneurs |  Time Management  |  Women’s Empowerment| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications Certified Coach Practitioner Certified Master Coach Practitioner Certified Group Coach Practitioner Through 25 years’ experience supporting women with their health, wellness and personal development, as well as being a student…

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THE WELLNESS PATH | Compassionate inquiry, a mind-body approach to healing | Recovery from trauma and additions, or exploring unwanted behaviour patterns | Practical tools to be come more present and grounded | Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach Nirmal Singh is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner through Certified Coaches Federation, and a Certified…

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Adale Boudreau

MINDSET & ACCOUNTABILITY COACH | Mindset  |  Accountability  |  Leadership| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications Certified Coach Practitioner Certified Master Coach Practitioner Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner Certified Leadership Coach Adale is a successful entrepreneur who turned an unprofitable Weight Loss Distributorship into a Million Dollar Business in 3 short years, earning…

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Heather Stewart

HEATHER STEWART COACHING | Transitional Coach |  Small Business Coach |  Life Coach| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach CCF Certifications Certified Coach Practitioner Certified Master Coach Practitioner Certified Group Coach Practitioner After 15 years as a corporate financial executive Heather left the corporate world and moved into teaching yoga, opening her own yoga…

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7 Tips on How to Get New Coaching Clients

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Getting clients is one of the key components of your coaching career. You may be a great coach – it won’t matter if nobody wants to be your client. The key factor of getting new clients for your coaching business is this: People need to know you exist. It’s true. It doesn’t matter how great…

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3 Steps to Building Rapport with Potential Clients Through Content

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People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Theodore Roosevelt Let’s talk about how to build rapport with potential clients through content creation, in particular, using social media. A lot of us today are at a standstill and we’re questioning, “How can I connect and build rapport with people…

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Brand Rehab

Blog Brand Rehab

Brand Rehab: Redefining How You Are Seen Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand. Really – you do! You are the CEO of “Me, Inc.”! Everyone has a certain reputation (or “brand”) that they’re known for in the professional space, but for most people, that brand has been created by default, rather…

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The Wellness Wheel

Wellness Wheel Healthy Woman on Coach

Wellness. More than ever before, we hear about this concept in the media, in conversations at Starbucks or on Zoom, and in our workplaces. Wellness is currently a hot topic, but what is Wellness? When we think of Wellness, we often think of well-being, wholeness, and balanced health. We think of a self-awareness that causes…

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An Encounter with The Naked Truth

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According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day. The Lie says to the Truth: “It’s a marvellous day today!” The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was quite beautiful. They spent the day together, ultimately arriving beside a well. The Lie tells the Truth:…

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The Change Process

The Change Process - Woman Holding Head

The journey of life and business truly is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, gains and losses, victories and defeats. So many times, we long for an even keel; to find a place of normalcy, calm, and routine. Unfortunately, life has a way of interrupting this calm, and forcing the unpredictable and sporadic.…

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Dealing with the Pain

Woman on Coach with Head Down

Her cries are still ringing in my ears as they pierced through the room.  “It hurts!!…  (sob)…  It hurts so bad!!…  (cry)…  Can’t anyone do anything about this pain?…  (sob)…  It just hurts so bad!!!  (cry)…”    She would quiet down for a moment, and then begin again. “It hurts!!…  (sob)…  It hurts so bad!! …

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Adversity to Adaptability

CCF Book Cover

Has adversity beaten you down, time after time? The Certified Coaches Federation is thrilled to announce our first published called “Adversity to Adaptability: Turn Life’s Greatest Challenges into your Greatest Opportunities”.

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12 Simple Ideas For Navigating Crisis

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With the COVID-19 crisis upon us, people are stressed out. They are also tired.  New data paints a picture of a nation whose optimism and resilience has been depressed by the events of the last month-and-a-half.  According to research from Angus Reid in April of 2020, half of Canadians (50%) report a worsening of their mental…

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CCF Successes – Jo-Anne Stark

What inspired you to become a Certified Coach? I took the CCF training in 2016 with Abe Brown in Calgary and a refresher course in Vancouver a couple of years later. I launched Stark Solutions Legal Coaching & Consulting in 2019 because as a lawyer, I spent over 25 years helping clients with their legal…

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Managing the Mayhem in the Midst of a Public Health Crisis

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People are feeling the uncertainty that our world’s recent events have brought us. There have been enormous shifts in our work and home lives in a very short period of time. It is likely that only a few of us alive have had to face this at any point in our lifetimes. It is important…

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CCF Succeses – Personal Trainer and Certified Coach – Jodi Sauve

In this CCF Successes, we are happy to feature Jodi Sauve! Jodi is a Certified Personal Trainer Certified through CanFitPro and is the owner of Inner Strength Training and Coaching working out of two locations – Pembroke and Cobden, Ontario. She has been training since 2009 and coaching since 2018. Jodi loves travelling to other…

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