Shirley Felder

Shirley is a woman on a mission. She built a company in the male-dominated industry of sanitation and recycling that did $65 Million in revenue, employed 150 men and took 10 women from welfare to work.

As a mother, business owner, multi-level marketer, chef, mentor, landlord, motivational speaker, and certified life coach with The Healthy Wealthy and Wise organization, she helps women sort through the “trash” in their lives so that they can reduce stress, avoid breakdowns, and increase personal wealth and health.

Shirley is a master of diversifying what she does in order to do what she loves, which is helping others.

As an international businesswoman and speaker, Shirley has traveled throughout the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and as far as China. Her topics range from: Maximizing the Potential of Raw Materials to Nurturing the Potential Within and Strengthening Relationships.

She stays focused on promoting her personal development series, "Talking Trash,” and her trademark workshops through her company, Ordinary Greatness.
Her candid and fresh perspective provides her audience with a dose of reality and honesty as she “tells it like it is” and makes no apologies.

Through overcoming adversity in her own life and understanding the struggles everyone faces, she knows that if she can do it, then anyone can and she shares her survival plan with those who need it.
Her no-nonsense approach, always infused with a healthy dose of humor, makes for intriguing, exciting, and refreshing events.

Shirley joins the CCF team in New York City, New York.

Telephone: 1-866-455-2155

Shirley Felder