Don’t wait for a unicorn in your coaching career

Don’t wait for a unicorn in your coaching career

Don’t wait for a unicorn in your coaching career

Unicorns are mythical creatures. We’re sure you’ve seen them in your favourite fantasy series or have read about them, at least at some point, during your life. These mythical creatures are known for their sheer beauty and outstanding elegance – some may even say they are the living embodiment of perfection.

Even though unicorns are considered to be perfect, we regularly tend to forget the most important fact about unicorns…that they are mythical. They don’t exist; they simply live in our minds, making us think that perfection is real. Perfection is impossible to achieve, that’s why we, as human beings, invented it through various thinking devices. We strive for perfection, though we can’t achieve it. 

By this point, you know we’ve been talking in metaphors, but what for? Well, the thing we’ll talk about in this blog is perfection – and why waiting for it will never get your coaching career going. 

What is your unicorn?

First things first, ask yourself a question. What is my unicorn? What is the one thing I want to be perfect at? If you’re reading this, it’s probably something along the lines of my coaching career

It’s not necessarily true, though. You might have a different unicorn that you’re waiting for – in your personal or professional life. Give yourself a few moments and reflect on this – What is my unicorn? After you have your answer, let’s continue.

Take action

Your unicorn is now in the back of your head. You are aware of what perfect action you’re striving toward, but don’t know how to tackle the situation. Let’s look at an example.

Olivia has just finished a coaching course. She works a 9-to-5 job and is lucky to work remotely so she has more time to reach out to certain clients. Time is on her side, but she stalls the decision. She knows what the next action should be, but she waits. For what?

For her unicorn. For the perfect timing, the perfect client, and the perfect website. She doesn’t take action.

What should be her first step? Reach out to someone close – a friend or relative that could use coaching. Olivia could let them know they could benefit from this for free. In a simple sentence – Olivia can just Take Action.

Don’t expect perfection 

Taking action is a big step for people expecting perfection. In practice, they are stepping outside their comfort zone and going all-in with the uncertainty. Embracing this mindset requires a lot of courage.

After taking action, you must create and nurture a mindset that does not expect perfection. Yes, it’s great for a coach to have a website, or to have a great network of people, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait for all of that. Start small and let yourself shine. In due time, the opportunities to work on your website or network will follow.

Don’t forget what we’ve talked about at the start of this blog – perfection does not exist – nor do unicorns!

Limiting beliefs will make you stumble

Another big obstacle when we’re expecting perfection is our limiting beliefs. People have a voice in their head that keeps telling them:

  • You’re not good enough
  • You have to work harder
  • You’re not educated enough
  • You don’t have enough experience

These limiting beliefs are common, appearing in professionals, leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, and coaches all the time. The only way to escape them is properly erasing them out of your head. If you can’t delete the whole belief, try to highlight the word that appears constantly along these lines. After highlighting that dreaded word, erase it. 

You can ‘erase’ words you frequently use in your head simply by replacing it with a new word, or even changing the tone in which you speak it to yourself. For example, you may find yourself always saying “I have to” followed by an activity… like “I have to start cold calling potential leads” or “I have to go to this meeting”. Instead, change the wording so that you say “I get to start cold calling potential leads” and “I get to go to this meeting.” That simple shift in language replaces the burden of having to do something with getting the privilege to do that same thing.

If that is also too hard to do, we have a simple trick to share with you. Just a simple word added after all those beliefs. The word we’re talking about is yet. 

  • You’re not good enough yet.
  • You’re not educated enough yet. 
  • You don’t have enough experience yet.

That simple word will empower you to reach your goal faster. Why? Because perfection will not empower your limiting beliefs!

Some will, some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting.

There is a certain saying Brian Tracy came up with years ago that started off as an acronym: SW SW SW SW – the Swiss Whisper. Those 4 SWs mean Some will, some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting.

Think about your prospects. Maybe your fear of rejection drives you backwards, making you more and more afraid to cold call and pitch someone, just because you’re scared of them saying no. So…what?

What if they say no? Exactly as the saying goes, some will, some won’t. It is vital to understand that, from the start that not all prospects will be actual clients. So what? Someone is waiting right around the corner. That someone really needs your services. 

Imposter syndrome is quite common

Lately, in the professional world imposter syndrome has been quite common. If you don’t know what imposter syndrome means, it refers to a certain doubt in an individual’s mind about their skills or abilities regarding different tasks. Being paid for those tasks will amplify feelings related to Imposter Syndrome even more.

A great exercise for tackling your imposter syndrome could be meditating and introspection about how far you’ve come, up until this point in your life. Think of where you were one year ago and how your coaching career has progressed. You’ll see that even during a few weeks’ time, you have managed to accomplish different tasks and objectives you never thought you could’ve done!

You can say “No” to certain clients

Lastly, we’ll talk about another problem coaches encounter quite often – the fear of getting too many clients.

What if people really want to collaborate with me? I am not ready to leave my 9-to-5 job for this.

If that’s the case, we have to beg you – don’t overthink it. Instead of turning it into something bad and giving it a negative connotation, spin it as it really is – something positive. People want to work with you. They want to pay you for your services. Rejoice in this achievement! 

Also, don’t forget you can say “No” to clients. Tell them that, right now, you are fully booked and you’ll try to schedule something for the future. Plan ahead and think about the next 3-to-6 months’ time – you’ll surely be able to work with them at some point.

At the end of this blog, we leave you with a fair warning. Unicorns do exist. They look like this. 

They are not perfect, but they are beautiful.

Even if your coaching career may not start off as a white, shining unicorn, it may still be a really long-lasting, impactful and filled with grace career!


  1. Fu on May 1, 2022 at 6:15 am

    Great read. Just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you

    • Lori Bennett on July 14, 2022 at 4:06 pm

      I needed to hear that I can do it and not to be’s okay you are strong enough’ve got this.

  2. Jodie on May 1, 2022 at 7:09 am

    Imposter syndrome is real people, 37 years experience in my field, 6 years educating dental hygiene students, dental assistant students through annual lectures, feedback from patients and their families, etc..
    It took a webinar sponsored by, and being asked to submit a video for the Canadian Dental association to realize my dream.
    My name is Jodie Margolis and have been working as a paediatric and special needs dental assistant for over 37 years, I earned my certificate from Certified Coaches Federation in 2011, and up until now, I truly had imposter syndrome, not realizing that my techniques, my expertise can truly, no, HAS truly helped so many people with Special needs that it is selfish to keep it to myself.
    In a few months I will be realizing my coaching dreams and potential. Finally, I will be joining a group of professionals, Occupational Therapist, Speech therapist etc and offering my services and support as a Special needs dental consultant.
    Yes, it took many years of my limiting beliefs, my “fake it till you make it” but the truth is, fake it till you make it was a lie I was telling myself and was what kept me from moving forward.
    I am now excited and prepared to share “THE MARGOLIS METHOD” of supporting and teaching my desensitizing techniques to patients and their caregivers and preparing them for their preventive dental future.
    This article is bang on, the only thing that kept me from starting my journey sooner was waiting for the unicorn.

    The irony of this article is that the OT that I will be working with is obsessed with unicorns.

    • Lori Bennett on July 14, 2022 at 4:15 pm

      I’m a caregiver I am a herbalist as this is we’re I’m strong and can help the most. I’m ready to do this . I’ll give him my all and helping who ever I can.

  3. Lori Bennett on July 14, 2022 at 4:16 pm

    This has open my eyes thank for all the help.

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