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| Physical Pain holding you back. I help you figure out the cause of the pain and how to manage it 
|  Architect of Potential. I help people ignore the impossible and imagine their possible.
|  Rewire the Brain for Success. Using physical exercise and nutrition
| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach

CCF Certifications

  • Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Group Coach Practitioner

Dr. Greg MacLuckie, a chiropractor with a degree in Kinesiology, is a very active individual. This family man works out on a regular basis. He plays lot of sports and is now an avid cyclist and skier, racing in both sports.

He has taught many different wellness courses in a variety of settings, was featured on TV and has participated on a panel of industry experts focusing on fitness related injuries. In November 2012, while walking across the street, a car travelling over 70 KPH struck him causing catastrophic injuries.

While no longer in active practice, Dr. Greg has been presenting to many different businesses, colleges all about health and opportunities that lay before us. As an authority of the positivity of the human body and spirit, Dr. Greg’s mantra is to ignore the impossible, imagine your possible.

In his sessions, Dr. Greg demonstrates that it’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do. He helps guide clients to see the opportunities that exist for them – if they are open to first seeing and acknowledging them.

Dr. Greg has presented at Canfitpro, CMCC, SWIS, York Region School board, featured on Rogers TV, Southlake Regional Health centre, March of Dimes Canada, Canada Sales Congress, Congrès de l’assurance de personnes.

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