7 Tips on How to Get New Coaching Clients

7 Tips on How to Get New Coaching Clients

7 Tips on How to Get New Coaching Clients

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Getting clients is one of the key components of your coaching career. You may be a great coach – it won’t matter if nobody wants to be your client. The key factor of getting new clients for your coaching business is this:

People need to know you exist.

It’s true. It doesn’t matter how great you are if nobody knows that you exist as a coach. But there is a problem: knowing that you exist won’t make clients flow your way. You have to draw them towards you. How? 

Well, today’s blog post is all about how to get new coaching clients through your marketing strategy. We’ll cover every basic aspect that you have to take into consideration when creating your Marketing Strategy, in order to ensure your success in getting new prospects!

  1. Website

Most of the time, coaches go straight to Social Media Profiles for getting the word out digitally. There is, however, a problem: you can’t control social media’s terms and conditions. One day you’ll just wake up and see that the algorithm isn’t showcasing your content to people like it used to. 

That’s why your own website is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be something difficult to build or something overly-complicated: a landing page will do! Make sure you present yourself as a coach, display your experience and highlight the testimonials you’ve already received!

If you don’t have the time to do it yourself on website builders like WordPress.org or Wix, you can visit Upwork or a similar platform and hire someone to do the website for you. It shouldn’t cost you very much and the end result will be exactly what you had in mind!

  1. Social Media Marketing

After the first paragraph, this may seem like a cognitive dissonance to you, but we assure you – it’s not! We never said Social Media Marketing isn’t a great way to get new coaching clients – we just advised against fully relying on it! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, that’s all we’re saying.

Your presence on social media is really important. You can stir up a conversation on different topics that your prospects follow, you can showcase your strengths through content creation or engage your already existing clients through a group. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll tackle them in a future article!

  1. Create a Personal Brand

You’ve got the means to show people that you exist and you are a coach, now you have to pursue them into choosing you. How can you do that? First, create a personal brand, with a very carefully chosen Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – why should they (the potential clients) pick you?

Think about your life. What part of your story is worth pointing out to your prospects? If you are a Weight Loss Coach, you can display, as your USP, your particular story with weight loss! There are lots of coaches that practice what they preach, but your story is unique. Make it motivating for others, not just for yourself!

  1. Work on Your Testimonials!

You may look at other coaches’ websites and say to yourself: “How can I ever reach this level of testimonials? The sheer quantity and quality is impressive. I truly don’t have the means to do that….”.

You know the number of testimonials those coaches started with? Zero. Ziltch. Nada. Exactly like you. They’ve worked for their clients and in response, their clients rewarded them with a carefully written or verbalised opinion of their experience.

Make sure that every client that you ever coach leaves you a review, no matter the rating! It’s important for people to see the bad reviews because it warns them: “This specific coach may not be the best fit for me…” – and that’s okay. This way, nobody wastes time!

  1. Let People Know How They Can Reach You!

We need to emphasize this – let people know the way they can reach you 24/7! Give them a phone number on which you’ll be available at 3 a.m. if they have a problem. If you only respond during work hours, their problem may be gone by the time you open your email. 

Of course, make sure to set up some boundaries. If they can announce you something through email, calling you in the middle of the night isn’t the best idea.

  1. Make Sure You Have a Product For Every Budget!

When creating your marketing strategy, one of the key components should be your pricing. A great coach has different products for every budget. You might say that’s a little bit odd, but hear us out!

When you only have an average-cost product or type of coaching, you miss out on people that have only a few dollars to spare or on people that really want to spend thousands of dollars on your premiums.

For those few dollars, come up with an e-book that teaches your prospects how coaching can help them, give them a handful of useful points and end it by sending them to a landing page on which they can schedule an appointment with you. This way, you upsell your more expensive products to people that already know you, after reading your e-book.

Consider Group Coaching as a win-win coaching strategy for you and your client. Typically, group coaching is a lower-cost product than one-on-one coaching. This option for your clients so much more than just cost benefits:

  • Lower cost per session means that your client can benefit from more coaching sessions with you
  • Group dynamics and discussion provide enrichment and broader perspectives
  • Your clients benefit from connecting and interacting with like-minded group members

And the benefit of group coaching to you as a coach? You optimize and leverage your coaching time, create a coaching community within your clientele, and rapidly build your coaching business.

  1. Public Speaking

Our last tip on how to get new coaching clients is: Don’t be afraid of Public Speaking! If you already have different events where you attend or you have some ideas in mind, start public speaking! This way, you won’t attract just 2-3-4 people through word of mouth or tens of people through paid media – you will reach hundreds of people who speak the same language as you and who need your help!

Embracing one – or all seven! – tips will move your coaching business forward so you’re making an even greater impact in the world!

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  1. Nicole Mattice on May 25, 2021 at 5:11 pm

    great info, especially as a new coach, I certainly appreciate it! Thank you.

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