CCF Successes | Mindset Coach, Shahab Nilgiri

CCF Successes | Mindset Coach, Shahab Nilgiri

CCF Successes | Mindset Coach, Shahab Nilgiri

Shahab Nilgiri

Shahab Nilgiri

What inspired you to become a Certified Coach?

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 6 years, and part of the reason was to be more involved with people, get to know them at a deeper level, and help them achieve physical fitness greatness, which in turn helps other parts of your life grow.

Getting into coaching just seemed like the next best step for me, not only because I can help and reach more people in MORE ways, but I can focus more on WHY people do what they do, and HOW they can make better changes in their lives.

How did you determine your coaching specialty?

Shahab Nilgiri

I started off with helping at the local MMA gym running their strength and conditioning classes. I knew I wanted to be in the wellness space, but coaching wasn’t really in the picture at the time.

While I delved more into mindset study, brain neurology, and human patterns, I realized that you can positively push people past their fear, and make things happen. That really caused me to get my certification, put out mindset based content, and helping individuals gain clarity, confidence within themselves, and achieve a vision for their life.

What is unique about you and your coaching business?

I bring mindfulness, compassion, humour, fitness, and honesty into the mix. My down to earth, playful nature really stems from me wanting to give off good energy to people around me. I think that really makes me unique. I don’t believe in the term “coach” having to be all serious, all the time. Be you, be easy, be playful, but be results driven.

What’s the most successful tactic you use to market your business?

Word of mouth is definitely a factor, but also the content that gets put on my personal Facebook profile, as well as my Facebook business page. I think it’s the authenticity and the excitement that shows both on and off video.

Shahab Nilgiri Group CoachingWhat is the greatest challenge you’ve encountered in your coaching career? How did you overcome it?

Even before CCF, I was coaching clients to achieve their own level of greatness, both from a physical and mental perspective. But my biggest challenge was not only helping a client get over a mindset hump, but also ME to get over my own.

I’ve been my own worst enemy when it comes to self sabotage thoughts, but being around my mentors, and positive beings has helped me greatly in this respect.

How has the Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course contributed to your success?

The in class assignments are VERY hands on, and helped tremendously. I still look at my course material to this day. A coach never stops teaching, nor do they stop learning.

If you could share with a new coach one nugget of knowledge, what would you share?

Be the best YOU that you could be. Your authenticity shows through your words, body language, and the words that you choose to speak.

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Business name: MadMind Coaching. (Mentality, Adaption, Discipline)

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  1. Bright Changwe on July 10, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    This is Amazing.

  2. Roxane Lavoie on October 7, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Love this article. I feel the same way and I’m excited to be able to help my clients even more.

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