CCF Successes | The Mindful and Compassionate Fitness Coach – Josef Serfaty

CCF Successes | The Mindful and Compassionate Fitness Coach – Josef Serfaty

CCF Successes | The Mindful and Compassionate Fitness Coach – Josef Serfaty

Josef Serfaty

Josef Serfaty

1. What inspired you to become a Certified Coach?

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with resilience.

I’m not proud of it, but I used to react to challenges, didn’t put them in perspective, and let the feelings of anxiety, sadness, and anger take over.

In August of 2013, while at the Canfitpro Fitness Conference, I had the fortunate opportunity to experience a brilliant lecture led by Sergeant First Class Ken Weichert (SGT Ken®), who is now a friend and mentor, covering the topic of resilience – the ability to turn obstacles into opportunity.

A year later, I became a Certified Personal Trainer, then a Senior Tactical Fitness Instructor through SGT Ken’s brand, START Fitness. Along the way, I worked with Stephanie Weichert, SGT Ken’s wife, as my Life Coach to help stay on the right path, driven to be a better husband, father, and coach.

The way they have inspired and empowered me on my journey, I progressively started seeing life’s challenges differently and my mission became clear: to provide that same feeling of inspiration and empowerment to others. I signed up for the CCP course right after that in 2017.

2. How did you determine your coaching specialty?

It naturally happened through my experience as a personal trainer and family man.

Not so long ago, I was 50 lbs heavier and low on the resilience and confidence tank.

I learned that fitness is multi-faceted and has two major components: Physical and Emotional. That understanding steered my style of coaching to emphasize the type of group I wanted to coach: ME. I wanted to coach men and women, who face the same physical and emotional obstacles I have faced.

3. What is unique about you and your coaching business?

Mindful and compassionate fitness and mindset coaching sets me apart from the rest.

Developed through years of experience working on my personal growth and closely with my mentors, in addition to an outgoing personality, my coaching style assures clients that they have somebody in their corner.

My aim is to help my clients understand that their fitness journey must be connected to a purpose. I encourage them to celebrate every small step they achieve towards their goal, because “every step towards the goal IS the goal”.

Another unique element to my training is that I’ve added a 2-minute meditation to the end of every workout. It allows the individual the time to check-in with their bodies and minds and celebrate the small wins before heading back into the hustle of day-to-day life.

4. What’s the most successful tactic you use to market your business?

Just simply talking passionately about my passion to everyone I meet, then exchanging contact information.

If you’re driven to making a difference in people’s lives, it flows naturally. Every person is a potential lead.

Sometimes, I would go into a brief coaching mode and give them a taste of how they can convert their “should’s” into “do’s” and “cannots” into “cans”.

Josef Serfaty - Fitness Coach

5. What is the greatest challenge you’ve encountered in your coaching career? How did you overcome it?

Josef Serfaty - Family


I think I speak for most fitness and coaching professionals when I say: practicing what I coach.

Sometimes, my emotions can catch me off guard; however, the “Me” now, in contrast to 10 years ago, has a lot more knowledge and resources to know when to BE with my emotions rather than work against them.

6. How has the Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course contributed to your success?

Our in-class assignment, when a classmate gave me the life script he wrote for me during the Certified Coach Practitioner course. It was powerful and hit the heart.

Just over a year later, I found the script and I couldn’t believe that I was actually walking the path to living out fully what was written which summarized my passion to inspire others to live out their purpose, their WHY, and be the best version of themselves.

7. If you could share with a new coach one nugget of knowledge, what would you share?

It’s a nice feeling to sign up that 1 client, but if it doesn’t happen with that one, it’s not the end, it’s a step forward. With every person with whom you come into contact, it’s a step forward to building the confidence in yourself, your passion, and your brand.

Before you know it, with every person engaged comes at least two or three new clients.

Believe in your purpose, seek out mentors, feed off their knowledge, and get out there to impact, inspire, and empower others to constantly strive for greatness, yourself included.

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CCF Successes - Josef Serfaty

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Business name: CLG Fitness
Twitter: @thepapajosef
Instagram: @papa_josef


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  1. Sam Serfaty on February 6, 2019 at 10:12 pm

    I am very proud of you. You are the best.

  2. KEN ESENE on February 7, 2019 at 11:34 am

    Great inspirational journey… Continued success in your quest.

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