CCF Successes – It’s all business (and health) with Kate Matheson!

CCF Successes – It’s all business (and health) with Kate Matheson!

CCF Successes – It’s all business (and health) with Kate Matheson!

Kate Matheson - CCF Successes

Kate Matheson

What inspired you to become a Certified Coach?

It’s something I felt like I had already been doing my entire life in my past businesses and also with family and friends. After having my own business and success coaches and seeing firsthand the impact it had on my life, I decided it was time to pivot my career and start something new.

How did you determine your coaching specialty?

CCF Successes - Kate Matheson

It was a very interesting (and circuitous) route that landed me at my specialty.

I’m a life-long entrepreneur. We talked business plans and strategy at the dinner table growing up, I studied finance and small business strategy at McGill [University] and and in the past decade I’ve built 5 businesses from the ground up including my current coaching business. I found a great deal of success in building businesses, nearly doubling my income every year for 6 years.

I also am a passionate advocate of health. I’ve struggled with auto-immune issues for 15 years making me a regular in health and wellness clinics of all kinds. I have spent more time and money than I’d like to count working with practitioners and have seen how incredible they are.

It was like a light bulb moment for me when I learned that almost every single one of them was struggling to fill their schedules and be as booked as they wanted, despite how AMAZING they were (even the ones who SEEMED successful).

My husband is also a Chiropractor and I know how little they are taught in school about practicing in the real world…and it leads to very high failure rates.

That’s when I decided to start Matheson & Co. so I could help health and wellness practitioners learn that piece of the practice puzzle they were never taught.

Now I work with clinicians, practitioners, natural doctors and healers of all kinds to build fully booked, thriving practices so they can finally have the lives they dreamed about in school (and pay off the student debt).

Kate Matheson CCF Successes

What is unique about you and your coaching business?

My business is a dual coaching and consulting business. There is a real “learning element” to what I teach that can’t be done through coaching alone.

I use coaching to help my clients define their own goals and direction and keep them on track but then use consulting and online education to help them implement proven systems into their business.

I also offer a unique perspective in this industry that I have not seen from anyone else.

I have an insider’s perspective having helped my husband with his Chiropractic business, the perspective of clients and patients (being one myself for 15 years) as well as the business and marketing experience that health practitioners so desperately need.

It allows me to balance the needs of practitioners with the needs of their clients so they can build businesses that are on their own terms but without sacrificing their quality of care. And so far it’s working well! 🙂

What’s the most successful tactic you use to market your business?

I believe (and teach) that you can’t build a business that relies on a steady stream of incoming clients without a system to gain them so I use a simple marketing funnel to bring in new leads to my business daily.

I do that primarily through Facebook Ads as well as in-person events at schools, clinics etc. The key (for me and others) is to get in front of your ideal clients. The ones already out there looking for you…so that’s exactly what I do. I go where they are both online and offline.

I also ask every one of my clients for testimonials and/or referrals.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve encountered in your coaching career? How did you overcome it?

There are 2 challenges that stand out to me:

  1. Getting your first paying client (and then your second). It’s often hard to go from planning and dreaming of this business to actually making it a real paying career. I overcame this by putting myself out there as much as possible and making sure everyone I knew (my whole network) knew exactly what I was doing, who I worked with and how I could help. That got me my first few clients and then it snowballed from there
  2. Not being a practitioner myself. I have had the objection from practitioners that I “don’t know their business” because I’m not a practitioner and they wanted to learn from someone in the business. It really used to get me questioning myself wondering if I should have gone another route.

I decided I had to change my mindset around this and also decide what to say to confidently overcome that objection. Now if anyone ever says “I don’t know their business”, I say “neither do you or you wouldn’t be coming to me”. I am confident in my abilities to help people build businesses across any industry and niche and that confidence and mindset shift has changed everything

How has the Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course contributed to your success?

I like learning and I like school so having the formal education and training in the Certified Coach Practitioner Course gave me the

CCF Successes - Kate Matheson

confidence that what I was doing was “for real”. It also gave me a framework to lead sessions with clients that I still use with my 1-on-1 clients today.

I also felt, that for me, having some sort of certification in an unregulated industry gave me credibility and it has. People are becoming more knowledgeable about the “coaching industry” and they want to work with people who are trained.

If you could share with a new coach one nugget of knowledge, what would you share?

Get yourself out there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

It’s very tempting to sit behind the scenes, setting up a website, getting business cards, designing your logo, etc. until everything is JUST perfect. It never will be.

I tell my clients all the time: progress beats perfection and those things, while important do not make you money.

Focus on getting in front of people (even if it scares you), building a community, finding your people and the rest will follow.

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  1. Vanese Daniels on January 10, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    This is such an inspiring article. I truly enjoyed it.

    Much continued success!

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    Love this kate! You inspire me🙌🙏

  3. Betty-Ann on February 19, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    Your story is inspiring and very helpful.

  4. Cool Training on April 29, 2020 at 6:13 am

    Thank you for making this blog, and for sharing useful information. Continue your passion and keep on blogging.

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