CCF Successes – Anna Giannone inspires and uplifts

CCF Successes – Anna Giannone inspires and uplifts

CCF Successes – Anna Giannone inspires and uplifts

CCF Successes Anna Giannone

Anna Giannone Headshot

Believing in yourself, putting yourself out there and uplifting others – that’s everything Certified Coach Practitioner™ Graduate Anna Giannone embraces.

Author, Co-Parenting Coach and harmonic communicator, Anna ends the drama in the lives of divorced families. Celebrate her success and read her story in the latest CCF Successes.

What inspired you to become a Certified Coach?

My life experience lead me to become a Certified Coach to inspire and uplift others. I’m on a mission to help divorced parents navigate the tricky terrain of co-parenting.

To help divorced parents to end all the drama of co-parenting and to start living more freely and fully as who they really are as parents and their children’s well-being.

How did you determine your coaching specialty?

I was exploring a career change. I always knew and was already doing it in my corporate world – to help others feel better about themselves so they can move forward in their lives and get unstuck. I explored different possibilities.

One of my main interests was children’s behaviour; what happens when they are exposed to questionable behaviour from their parents and how positive and negative discipline has a ripple effect. I was trying to understand my parents and the way I was disciplined and its rippled effect it had on me and my siblings. It created limiting beliefs.

I attended a Parent-Guide course and when I saw the facilitator up front teaching parents “how to”, I got the chills and that’s when I knew.

Seeing the facilitator teach parents how to discipline with love, compassion and not with fear touched me so much. So I enrolled to become a Certified Facilitator to learn how to create my own courses.

My life experience and challenges shaped me to become a Co-parenting coach. I thought then, who would know better to teach and support others than me because of my life experiences and education.  I continued to improve my skill-sets and desired to base my teachings on a personalized one-on-one coaching.

Then a Certified Master Coach Practitioner in Co-parenting was born.  I am very connected to outcomes. I set new standards and dedicate myself to helping divorced couples transition from spouse partners to parenting partners who want to peacefully co-parent their children with someone with whom they are no longer romantically involved.

My purpose in writing a book is very personal. I want to offer support, encouragement, and provide some practical principles for making the often rocky co-parenting road smoother. The willingness to keep moving forward and not give up.

When I was nine years old, I would spend Sunday afternoons in my special peaceful place with a pen in one hand and a pad in the other. I’d sit on the cement border facing the water and begin writing stories, stories about a big happy family, one with many people who enjoyed spending time together and sharing laughter. The family down my street had many children, and every weekend they held family gatherings, something we didn’t do because my parents were not happy together. There was so much singing flowing out of that little house on the corner of my street.  Unfortunately, when I was about 10 years-old, I threw away the story I had been writing. I didn’t believe in it then, and I asked myself, “What’s the point”? Letting go and not thinking about my long-term desires created the momentum for what was to come.

What is unique about you and your coaching business? Co-Parenting in Harmony Author, Anna Giannonne

My life experience and my ability to bring different personalities together at a reasonable understanding to end drama.

My honesty and transparency. My communication skills and ability to work in harmony.

My coaching business is unique, It’s done online via skype or phone and not in a lawyer’s office.

What’s the most successful tactic you use to market your business?

Social media as I strongly feel offering services online is best. Divorced parents will take the time to communicate with me in the comfort of their home.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve encountered in your coaching career? How did you overcome it?

Getting myself out there.

I overcame it by maintaining a positive attitude and believing in myself and in my business. Letting go of comparison. I balanced work and life at the same time. I am a self-disciplined person and I don’t quit easily.  The way I overcame it was by focusing on making a difference in people’s lives, sharing my story to make a big impact that Co-parenting in Harmony is possible.

How has the Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course contributed to your success?

It helped me uncover my hidden potential and helped me remove all barriers and obstacles along my way. Made me realize that my story is the path that I can help others to avoid drama.

Being a Certified Master Coach Practitioner impacted me to be an author. To tell my story, my successful co-parenting story that the “Impossible is Possible”. If I did it, so can they. To put myself out there to bring awareness and talk about the good. To uplift people with my writings. People love to hear about other people’s successful stories and people emulate other people’s success.

As a Certified Master Coach Practitioner™, I want to impact the world. What happened in my youth determined who I became. My focus on having a united, loving family meant a lot to me and what I would do about it ultimately determined my destiny to help others see the importance of family and help children’s well-being in all of this.

If you could share with a new coach one nugget of knowledge, what would you share?

Believe in your potential.

We all have an amazing story to tell that surely can help others to do better.

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CCF Successes Anna Giannone


Get in touch with Anna: 

Twitter: @annag_coach
Instagram: @anna_coparenting_harmony


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