CCF Successes | Lifelong Passion & Purpose feat. Adéjoke Paul

CCF Successes | Lifelong Passion & Purpose feat. Adéjoke Paul

CCF Successes | Lifelong Passion & Purpose feat. Adéjoke Paul

CCF Successes Adejoke Paul

Adéjoke Paul, Certified Coaches Federation graduate, has found her passion and purpose, which lead her to success as a Success Life/Career Coach.

CCF Successes ft Ade Paul

Read about Adé’s life’s purpose on becoming a success life/career coach below and be sure to download your copy of the CCF Successes Mini-Mag!

As a Success Life/Career Coach, a personal crusade of mine is to encourage people to embrace their radiance and joie de vivre, own their voice and fulfill their potential. Born with the entrepreneurial seed, inquisitiveness for academia and a zeal for personal development and self-improvement, my professional accreditation includes receiving a Masters’ of Business Administration (MBA) in Management, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology with minors in French and Spanish.

Then I continued my education at four different accredited Coaching, Nutrition and Culinary institutions in New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA) & California (CA), where I acquired an associate degree, certifications & licenses as a Professional Chef in Culinary Arts, Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) and licensed Nutritionist .

These memorable events, mosaic educational expedition, life experiences encouraged me to transform my lifelong passion of autonomy, self-mastery and purpose into Adé in Your Life (AIYL).

How did you determine your coaching specialty?

I discovered early in life that my habitual behavior to tell people that “They Could” was stemmed from a core belief in those two words.

I was fortunate in having the privilege of empowering, reassuring, supportive parents, and family, and many great mentors/teachers, formal, and informal.

My personal life has seen its share of trials, and tribulations. I always say to people, I have been up “Real High”, and then again, I have been down “Real Low”. I view my personal journey as an unparalleled asset in my goal to serve you better. I decided to pursue coaching as a full-time profession, and I can say that never have I felt such an enormous amount of satisfaction in any type of “work” I’ve ever done, and I have worked in various roles. I have more than 26 years of life and work experience that edify my position as a coach, along with what I define as “A Purpose-Driven Talent”.

I help every person I coach to embrace their radiance, own their voice and fulfill their potential while cultivating sustainable results in improving their quality of life. This is my desire for you all by echoing that “It’s An Inside Job” and that you’re not alone.

One nugget of knowledge that I would love to share with all my sister friends and brother friends is Keep On, Keeping On No matter what.

What is unique about you and your coaching business?

Each stage of my life was “….graced by memories of great epochs” through a series of memorable events in my life.

In my early years I was fortunate to be exposed to and learn about many cultures and customs while learning under different educational systems British and American living in different parts of the world. And during this period of adapting and adopting the African, British and American lifestyle, I experienced financial calamity, homelessness, being on government assistance, bereavement, health ailment and disappointments and achievements.

I learned from each experience. In the midst of the struggles, crisis, life-altering experiences and, oh, the wonderful triumphs I still embrace “joie de vivre” which fuels my thirst and pursuit for enlightenment, growth, personal freedom, and transcendence. My desire, coupled with my passion and purpose helps high potential people align with their hearts desire.

At Adé In Your Life, we help people align with their heart’s desires to create a life they’ve always dreamed of, one that feels good on the inside. As a result of working with us people realize and recognize that it’s an Inside Job.

What’s the most successful tactic you use to market your business? Ade Paul and Derrick Sweet

The most successful tactics I am using is word-of-mouth, by being consistent, confident and real about talking about myself not letting doubt, indecision, fear and anxiety to hold me back in this quest of being the light I am put on this earth to be. Some other tactics are speaking engagements, meetups and social media advertising mediums.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve encountered in your coaching career and how did you overcome it?

The greatest challenge is getting people to know who I am. Saying my mantras, journaling, practicing meditation daily and Spiritual walk and connecting with an Inner Circle group of like-minded business, entrepreneurs and coaches have and continue to help me overcome it. You just have to keep trying, creating, practicing and applying new creative ways.

How has Certified Coach Practitioner™ course contributed to your success?

The Certified coach Practitioner™ Course has given credibility and reinforces my integrity in the coaching industry to my family, community and the planet. I am a professionally trained coach.

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