CCF SUCCESSES | All about Sparkle, featuring Christie Garcia

CCF SUCCESSES | All about Sparkle, featuring Christie Garcia

CCF SUCCESSES | All about Sparkle, featuring Christie Garcia

Christie Garcia CCF Successes March 2018

Business and Sparkle equal success for Christie Garcia, a Certified Coach Practitioner™ graduate

At Certified Coaches Federation, we’re all about supporting our Certified Coach Practitioner™ graduates and celebrating their successes!

CCF SUCCESSES highlights and celebrates what our Certified Coach Practitioner™ graduates are doing now with their business and how far they’ve come since taking the CCP course. These are proud moments for us to see the success of our coaches and we want to share them with you!

Our latest graduate feature is… Christie Garcia!


Certified Coach Practitioner™ Graduate Christie Garcia


1. What inspired you to become a Certified Coach Practitioner™?

I have always been a coach in different capacities (leader in my corporate career, coaching figure skating and swimming in my younger days, fitness coach, etc.)

As a social Media Manager I also fell into the role of being a business advisor and coach!  I fell in love with this role! After researching how I could make this role more prominent in my business I found coaching! After researching and being inspired by so many coaches in the industry getting to be a Certified Coach was a must!

2. How did you determine your coaching specialty?

I am passionate about women achieving their goals and living their dreams! Becoming a coach for women was a natural path! My passion and expertise in Accountability, Strategy and Social Media led to my coaching specialty!

Christie Garcia Working3. What is unique about you and your coaching business?

I am as real as it gets! I am a  busy mom to teenagers, I have had a lengthy career in corporate management, I have had several businesses, some have been successful and yes some have been big learnings! I have gone through the struggles of a divorce and being a single mom and also met the love of my life and re-married!

I am sparkle obsessed and I spread this with my passion for helping female entrepreneurs and in turn I get to see them sparkle!

I thrive on empowering women to break through roadblocks and use fear to bring them to new new heights in their business using many coaching techniques!

Sparkle your Biz not only focuses on coaching but also hosts workshops and events provide an judgement free environment for women to network, work on presentation abilities and develop skills that are required to move to the next level in their businesses!

4. What’s the most successful tactic you use to market your business?

Being authentic and consistent! Sharing about myself personally and not letting fear hold myself back in this! Specific marketing tools – FaceBook ads have proven to be successful!

5. What is the greatest challenge you’ve encountered in your coaching career? How did you overcome it? Christie Garcia coaching class

Fear of competition! Affirmations, journaling and having my own coach  have all been big attributes in overcoming this! Knowing and reminding myself there is only one Christie! This is now the same thing I tell all my clients!

6. How has the Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course contributed to your success?

The course itself was amazing! The breakthrough’s I had that weekend both personally and professionally were profound! The coaching techniques learned were so helpful! The ongoing support and tools that are accessible for life are so valuable!

7. If you could share with a new coach one nugget of knowledge, what would you share?

Step out of your comfort zone and go for it! Don’t fear failure as this is where the most growth happens! Also sign up for the Master Coaching Certification!

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