2017 Life Coach Conference Global Online Event!

2017 Life Coach Conference Global Online Event!

2017 Life Coach Conference Global Online Event!

With the goal of making a positive impact on the world, we have decided to take our 2017 conference and transform it into an ONLINE CONFERENCE instead of an in-person event. We were so inspired by the content of the conference that we felt compelled to make it as accessible as possible.

Let Adversity Make You a Better Coach

We are conditioned to avoid adversity at all costs, yet adversity, like soil, grounds us and makes us grow. Each time we face and overcome adversity, we’re given the opportunity to become resilient, confident, and courageous… to rise above any setbacks we may face in our lives and help others do the same.

As coaches, we create value by offering our clients a perspective that teaches them how to plan, prepare and persist against any form of adversity. Our conference celebrates the people who have become who they are today because of their unique perspective and strategies on Overcoming Adversity, and how you can be an even more successful coach as a result.

Because the conference will be online, we have adjusted the pricing to make it more affordable and accessible. Now, you will be able to stay home to enjoy any or all sessions based on your needs.

Incredible Bonus Courses!

With all of the exciting changes in the conference, we are also including new bonus courses to both the GOLD and the VIP Admission Packages.

Register for the GENERAL Pass

& receive the full conference access

Register for the GOLD Pass

& receive the Certified Group Coach Practitioner™ Course (retail value $479)

Register for the VIP Pass

& also receive, the Certified Advanced Coach Course (total retail value $2,458!)

Incredible Content!

With over 20 incredible speakers, you will learn how to overcome adversity as a person and as a coach. Here are just some of the educational and inspirational sessions you’ll attend:


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