Life Coach Conference | Speaker Spotlight – Abe Brown

Life Coach Conference | Speaker Spotlight – Abe Brown

Life Coach Conference | Speaker Spotlight – Abe Brown

Abe Brown Speaker 2017 Annual Conference

WORKSHOP | Building Trust and Credibility in Branding as a Coach

Having built a 6-figure coaching business on part-time hours, Abe Brown understands the power of weaving trust and credibility with a business development and branding strategy as a coach.

In this hands-on workshop, Abe goes beyond the basics to delve into the 3 critical elements in building trust and credibility with your clients and in the marketplace.  He shares powerful principles for leveraging your solutions in a way that tells the story of how your solutions meet the critical needs of your prospective clients.

If you are looking to grow your credibility, grow your revenue, and build your business, this workshop is for you.

President, CCF CANADA | Abe Brown is also the Founder of Momentum Coaching and has trained over 1,200 Life and Business Coaches right across Canada and the USA. He has mentored both Life and Business Coaches from more than 5 major Coaching Industry associations including the Certified Coaches Federation, the International Coaches Federation, Coach University, and others.

He has delivered keynote speeches, motivational talks, and conducted seminars and workshops all over Canada and the USA. He is an International best-selling author, writing Getting Where You Need To Go, and has developed life and business coaching tools which have been put into use all over the world.

An experienced business leader and manager, Abe has successfully turned around several failing businesses to the tune of millions of dollars, time and time again. This involved applying solutions to multiple issues such as driving sales growth, facilitating human resource management, expediting human capital maximization, empowering full employee engagement, and executing strategic direction, brand management, marketing, inventory management, and loss prevention.

Abe pastored several churches that experienced consistent year over year growth rates of 300% or more, led a post-secondary educational institution with over 100 full-time students and satellites in 12 countries, and spent over 20 years as a counsellor, coach and personal growth specialist. He has spoken to crowds of a handful up to several thousand and conducted training, workshops, and break-out sessions in educational, governmental, non-profit and business organizations. He received the Coach of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011 from the Certified Coaches Federation.

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