Feature Friday: Natalie Wilson of High Heal Diaries

Feature Friday: Natalie Wilson of High Heal Diaries

Feature Friday: Natalie Wilson of High Heal Diaries

“The Certified Coaches Federation™ has certified me with the greatest gift of all; the ability to help others set a plan in motion and work towards a better self, life, and spiritualization. Personally, I was moved by the power, voice, and encouragement of Mr. Derrick Sweet, my Certified Coach Trainer. I came to the certification program to learn techniques on how to coach others along and left learning that, as well as a whole lot more about myself.

Now when I interview women who are on a journey of self healing, and I do my motivational speaking events, I use my techniques of positive reinforcement with a strong emphasis on using those “wonder words” and the four steps in Cognitive Reflex Conditioning®: Recognize, Realize, Replace, Repeat.”

Natalie Wilson
High Heal Diaries

Certified Coach Practitioner™ | Toronto | 2017
CCF 2017 Annual Conference Speaker


Facebook: www.facebook.com/highhealdiaries/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-wilson-17275225/
Instagram: @highhealdiaries
Twitter: @highhealdiaries






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