“Fall Forward” Ideas to Kick-Start Your Fall

“Fall Forward” Ideas to Kick-Start Your Fall

“Fall Forward” Ideas to Kick-Start Your Fall

Fall Forward and Personal Growth

There are typically two times a year when people aim for positive life-change and personal growth…

The New Year:  A New Year brings with it a fresh breath of hope and a new start.  At this time most people think of New Year’s Resolutions, Changes, Transitions, Personal Improvements and are reminded about the things that really matter in life.

The Fall:  For many, the fall season is a season of harvest, a season of change, a season of new beginnings.  There is even a new football and hockey season, when hope begins anew!  The fall is the second pivotal time people aim for positive life-change & personal growth.

So, I want to share with you some Ideas to Kick-Start Your Fall…

1. ENJOY Your Life

Sometimes with the end of summer vacation and the pressure of a new September, our joy is sapped before we even hit Labor Day.  This is detrimental because happy people are productive people, happy people are attractive people and happy people make things happen.  So, how do we stay happy and joyful?

There is no doubt that we can go on the “offensive” to cultivate joy, so to speak, by spending time with quality people, and spending time in personal nourishment and self-care.

But, another way we support our joy is by going on the “defensive”.  We need to defend against the elements that want to steal our joy.  The list of dream thieves is well-known and so we need to take proactive steps to insure we do not have our joy stolen by one of these:

  • Guilt – Guilt will attempt to steal your joy, but it is pushed aside by conviction,
  • Worry – Worry will attempt to steal your joy, but it is pushed aside by confidence,
  • Fear – Fear will attempt to steal your joy, but it is pushed aside by courage,
  • Aimlessness – Aimlessness will attempt to steal your joy, but it is pushed aside by clarity,
  • Disconnection – Disconnection will attempt to steal your joy, but it is pushed aside by community.

2. EMPOWER Your Self-Worth

To step forward this fall, step into your self-worth.  Dr. Joyce Brothers said that, “The greatest single determinant of what you will be or do with your creative abilities is your perception of who you are.  Self-esteem is central to the whole problem of securing any type of success in any endeavor”.  The truth is that each of us need a sense of healthy self-worth…

  • Self-Worth Empowers Us To Believe In Ourselves – People do not rise higher than the limitations of their own beliefs.
  • Self-Worth Empowers Us To Believe In Others – Little people think everyone is little.  Big people think others are big.
  • Self-Worth Empowers Us To Reach Our Potential – We all are limited in the fulfillment of our potential by our belief system.  Some labels enable, while other labels disable!
  • Self-Worth Empowers Us To Take Decisive Action – Our ability to be decisive revolves around our sense of self-worth.
  • Self- Worth Determines What We Will Be & Do – Tony Robbins:  “Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we will be”.


This fall, make a decision to be true to what is inside you – your God-given “M.A.K.E.-U.P.”!  A few years ago geneticists were able to map the entire human genome, which is the genetic recipe that makes up every person.  They found that though we are all 99.999% the same, we are 0.001% different!  There’s a 3-billion letter sequence that defines the essence of who we are.  This 3-billion letter code determines and forms our MAKE-UP.  For all of us, this 3-billion ler code is exactly the same, with the exception of 300,000 letters:  0.001%!  You and I are all exactly the same with the exception of that 0.001% of our MAKE-UP which determines whether we become a Billy Graham or a Britney Spears, a Donald Trump or Barack Obama, a Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay.  It is that 0.001% I’m talking about when I say to explore yourself and your MAKE-UP

You and I are supremely happy and content when we flow with our MAKE-UP.  Woodworkers know that it’s easier to work with the grain than against it.  Similarly with us, it is far easier and far more fulfilling to flow with our “grain”; our MAKE-UP.  Maybe part of the reason there is so much burn-out today is because people are going against the grain of how they are designed and are not flowing with their MAKE-UP.

Flowing With The “Grain” Of Your MAKE-UP

  • Keeps You Sane…  Life is less complicated when you flow with the grain!
  • Minimizes The Pain…  Life is less painful when you flow with the grain!
  • Prevents “The Drain”…  Life is less draining when you flow with the grain!
  • Stimulates Your Brain…  Life is less boring when you flow with the grain!
  • Releases The Rain…  Life is bountiful and productive when you flow with the grain!
  • Enables Total Gain…  Life is complete when you flow with the grain!

There are 6 elements which determine a person’s “MAKE-UP”.  Wise use of your life begins by understanding your “MAKE-UP”, your shape.  What you were made to be determines what you are intended to do.  MY “MAKE-UP” CONSISTS OF…

  • M” – My Marketable Skills
  • A” – Abilities/Talents
  • K” – Calling or Personal Mission
  • E” – Experiences
  • U” – Understanding Your Personality
  • P” – Passion/Heart

Instead of trying to reshape yourself to be like someone else, enjoy your “MAKE-UP”!  You will be most effective and fulfilled in life when you use your Gifts and Abilities in the area of your Passion/Heart’s Desire in a way that best expresses your Personality, Experiences, Marketable Skills, and Calling.  Success and satisfaction is the result of fitting with your “MAKE-UP”.

4. ENRICH Your Relationships

What greater investment can a person make than in relationships?   We were born for deep connection and relationships.  If there is a void or hunger or emptiness in you, it is almost ALWAYS due to a lack of relational connection.  Get connected with people…

  • Commit…To The Golden Rule! 
    First decide how you want to be treated.  Then, treat others that way.
  • Care…For The Needs of Others!
    Care for others as you want to be cared for!  You reap what you sow.
  • Communicate…Your Heart!
    Don’t be afraid of intimacy.  People long to move past the surface.
  • Create…Opportunities for Connection!

As we head into the fall, here are some ideas to “fall forward” and to kick-start your fall:

  1.  Enjoy…  Your Life
  2.  Empower…  Your Self-Worth
  3.  Explore…  Your M.A.K.E.U.P.
  4.  Enrich…  Your Relationships

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