Adale Boudreau


| Mindset  |  Accountability  |  Leadership
| Healthy Wealthy and Wise Platinum Pro Coach

CCF Certifications

  • Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Leadership Coach

Adale is a successful entrepreneur who turned an unprofitable Weight Loss Distributorship into a Million Dollar Business in 3 short years, earning The President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. 

With her team approach to business, she spearheaded a regional Co-op Advertising Committee which enabled the GTA region to all grow their sales.

As a Matchmaker, Adale had the joy of creating love matches and bringing together couples. She worked regularly with her matchmaking clients in moving past limiting beliefs and supporting them in learning to love themselves fully prior to embarking on new relationships.

Adale is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner and facilitator of the CCF’s Certified Leadership Coach Course, as well as a coach with the Platinum Pro Coaching Business, a Health & Wellness Coach, Certified International Matchmaker and a Certified Law of Attraction/Allowing Your Success Coach.

Adale has a passion for helping female coaches learn to get out of their own way and to empower them to recognize that with BELIEF we all have the power to be, do and excel at anything and everything we want in life.

If you are ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, then this powerhouse whose strength is mindset and accountability is the coach for you!