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One of the reasons our Coach Certification Courses are so popular around the world is because of the simplicity of our coaching model. Nothing nonessential to the process of achieving success is included in our training programs. You simply learn the language of coaching, the process of coaching, and how to build your coaching business!

Exceeded My Expectations

I am so thankful to the entire team at CCF for such a great experience. I finally decided after a couple of years to join. The Certified Coaches Federation has exceeded my expectations.
I have completed the Certified Life Practitioner Course and the Business of Coaching course in the self-study at my own pace, and it was so worth the investment. The team at CCF is very passionate, supportive and inspiring. The ongoing training and support is amazing, with addition to the continuous workshops and learning labs and tools provided. I have truly learned ALOT!!

-Brenda Dzalto

We have a track record, and it’s a good one!

The Certified Coaches Federation has certified more than 15,000 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006 and is now recognized as one of the Leading Life Coach Certification and Executive Coach Certification Programs in the world! The Certified Coaches Federation is now offering our Life Coach Certification and Executive Coach Certification Programs in 100 cities around the world!

The two words used most often when describing our Life Coach Training and Executive Coach Training Courses are brilliance and simplicity! The Certified Coaches Federation offers succinct courses that get to the heart of the coaching process and which have removed any non-essential components in the process of helping our clients achieve their goals!

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While our most famous course is our Certified Coach Practitioner Course, the next step to consider in your professional development is the Business of Coaching Certification. This intensive business development course will teach you how to focus, build and expand a successful coaching business.